Fishing for EDC recommendation

Currently carrying a thorfire vg15s. Looking for something a little more pocket friendly. I like my lights a little on the throwy side. Looking at the folomov 18650s but not completely sold on it. Anything else to look at? Or comments on the folomov?

Emisar D1 ?

Little add on. Forward clicky is a plus but not necessary

I have a lot of lights. I continuously carry a Jaxman E2L High CRI. Color is fabulous and I have the 18500 tube to shorten the length. The Convoy pocket clip attached and it’s my go to EDC. Simple UI (Low, med and high.). Claimed 900 lumen and with the tail switch bypassed it may be close. Throw isn’t bad for a tripple.

For reference the VG15S is 1000 lumens and 200 meters of throw. It is 122mm long and 24mm in diameter.

If you want something more compact you will almost certainly need something with a side e-switch. And if 24mm isn’t pocketable enough then you can’t get a more throwy light by using a bigger reflector.

Punching those requirements into my search engine find the $50 Skilhunt DS21 HI. It is 1cm shorter and throws 19 meters further.

Basically you are already doing about as good as you can. An XP-L HI e-switch light will be a marginal improvement.

When I say throwy I really just want a decent hotspot. Not all flood. I usually use it at the 200 lumen mode at about 150ish feet. But I also like to be able to reach out and light someone if need be

A BLF A6/Astrolux S1 with a 18350 tube is super pocket friendly. There may be a 18350 tube that would fit your VG15S. I am not sure which tube would fit but I imagine someone on here does. I use to carry a DQG Tiny 18650 all the time but, it is a side switch TIR light so that might not be to your liking. Super small 18650 light though. Think I saw a sale on the Nitecore MH20 if I remember correctly. Nice little pocket thrower with still a bit of spill. Lumintop SDMini is similar in size and output of the Nitecore as well if you can find one at a decent price. Manker makes a 14500 pocket thrower, the T01. All of those are side switch lights though.

I meant to say side switch. I have a tiny 4th that’s why I was looking at the folomov. It’s coat season so I carry a bigger light in my coat pocket. Just want an 18650 compact light that’s always on me. I’ll look into those listed. I just can’t stand flood only lights. Guess it’s just a preference thing

I was gonna recommend the MH20GT (“GT” = greater throw).

Still waiting for a sale on the ’GT (got enough regular ’20s for the time being :laughing: ) but it’s even throwier than the regular ’20.

And both of them are hella short for 18650 lights. My ’20 is about the same exact size as the Wuben i332, which takes an 18350! The ’GT is only a hair longer, barely noticeable.

Ever since I got rid of my SDMini I have been wanting a MH20 GT or not. Don’t know why I haven’t yet. Procrastinating as usual I suppose. The only Nitecore light I have is a Tini and the wife stole that months ago. Glad she likes it, I never really did.

If you want throw then you can’t beat a P12GT/MH12GT at that 1” size.

I really like both. The ’GT has some nice throw and is excellent for longer-distance outdoor spotting, etc., but the regular ’20 is more useful as an all-around light.

If I were hiking or something, I’d definitely take the ’GT with me. For putzing around the house, at work, just generally EDCing it, the regular ’20 is probably better.

There’s an easy solution of course. Get both.

And of course, if you want real throw in a pocketable form, the P30 would be soooooooooo nice!

Just goggled it… over 600m throw for a 50mm head. :smiley:

Might as well go with a Cometa then (Z1clone). Got it all, almost.

I’ll sell one of mine fer $2,000.00. I’ll include shipping. I’m feeling generous today.

Nah, that’s a big donk. The P30 is teenytiny in comparison except for the wider head.

I had the Folomov EDC C4 and it is very compact. Not a bad light at all…i just wasn’t big on the UI. Long click for on, long click for off, short click to go up levels and then short click to come back down. And….it was a bit throwier than my primary EDC…Zebralight SC62w. For the price and functionality, hard to beat.

I still keep coming back to my Zebralight SC62w though. Lightweight, excellent UI after you get used to it, not much bigger than an 18650 cell. Bright enough for most any daily tasks with excellent sub lumen for moving around after the family is in bed. Just my 2 cents.