Fitorch MR15 - 5 types of battery compatible flashlight

This review is on Fitorch MR15, one of the most versatile flashlight available in the market that is able to take 5 different battery configuration. After using it several days on my routine work, I have to say that once again, I’m impressed!
The MR15’s main selling point lies within it’s capability to takes up different types of batteries below:
1x - 3.7V 21700 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
1x - 3.7V 20700 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
1x - 3.7V 18650 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
3x - 1.5V ‘AAA’ Alkaline Batteries
2x - 3V CR123A Lithium Primary Batteries
Now that’s versatility!

Packaging & Accessories
The packaging on the MR15 is a typical hanging style retail box and filled with lots of product information around the entire package.

Together with the package comes a few extras such as a very nice nylon holster (with side pocket for a spare battery, Velcro closure and button belt loop), a 21700 5000mAh 18.5Wh Li-ion battery, a holder for 3xAAA batteries, lanyard, a spare O-ring, USB cable and a small users manual.

The MR15 is solidly constructed using high strength aerospace grade aluminum alloy, and Mil-Spec hard-anodized for durability. The quality of the machining, fitting and finishing is on par with those on any major brand such as Olight or Fenix. The light is made from aluminium and hard anodized in a semi gloss finish. Starting at the head of the flashlight it has a not so aggressive striker head. The lens is made of filmed mineral glass and the metal filmed reflector is approx. 1” in depth and smooth. The LED is nicely centered. The dual-button side switch is nicely placed where your thumb should be resting, with battery level indicators located besides the switches. The USB port used for charging is hidden insides the head assembly. Just twist the head to reveal the USB port. This USB port is at normal depth and standard cables can be used. The barrel of the light had the simple concentric pattern. It looks great and provide decent grip, though not the best. The tail cap has a lanyard attachment point and indication of hard lock out. I would like to see a glass breaker upgrade on the tail cap. Hopefully FItorch will consider this as an accessories soon. It is IPX-8 rated and drop resistance to 2M.

Size + Weight
At 153mm, this is considered as a medium size flashlight, thus not so pocket friendly. However, the included pouch is decently made and would qualified as a good EDC carry. The head is 35mm in diameter, and the body itself is 25.4mm in diameter. The weight is 131g excluding the battery.

LED + Runtimes
This light uses a Cree XP-L LED in cool white. The driver uses constant current so flicker isn’t an issue. Modes spacing and runtime is as follows. Beamshot has a small defined hotspot with slightly warm ring around it with a good spill as well. Fitorch claims the throw to be 256M max.

The UI of this light is easiest to understand if we split it into what each button does. The large button basically turn on/off the light. While switched on, pressing the small button will cycle through the different modes in the sequence of turbo – high – medium – low – medium – high – turbo and so on. Holding the small button will trigger the strobe. The small button also served as instant access to strobe when the light is switched off. Holding the small button for 2 sec will switch of the constant strobe mode.

Charging & Power Level Detection
Twist the head and you shall see the hidden USB charging port. You can use any standard USB cable. You will be able to see the charging progress using the 4 green power indicators located besides the buttons. These indicators shows the battery level as follows:
4 LEDs : 100% (Fully charged)
3 LEDs : 75% battery power remaining
2 LEDs : 50% battery power remaining
1 LED : Less than 25% battery power remaining. LED will be blinking as well.

• Standard depth micro USB port allowing the use of other standard cables.
• Really nice machining and fit and finish.
• Very nice fade between modes.
• Good versatility of battery usage.
• Conveniently located battery level indicator.
• Instant access to strobe, making it a good duty flashlight.
• Larger size making it non pocket friendly.
• Less aggressive striker head.
• No readily available traffic baton/diffuser.

Fitorch is one of the eye-catching brand out there and it’s definitely worth looking at. They do pay a lot of attention to detail and constantly improving their design. As a fairly new brand in the market, I personally think that they are doing a good job compared to many older brands. I do hope to see more accessories such as light baton, glass breaker in the near future.