FiTorch MR35 1*18650 RGB+UV

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After testing the older models of FiTorch P20R and P30R -,62982.0.html
Time has come for the new FiTorch MR35 - FITORCH P20R

The package retains the color of previous models

In the package we will find:

- FiTorch MR35 torch

- good quality holster

- lanyard for wrist

- spare oring

- Replacement rubber on the switch

- manual user instructions

  • USB cable

I received a light diffuser - I do not know if it will be in the official sale

The MR35 looks different from the P30R but has many features in common

From the top of the metal lace (which can be unscrewed without loss of water resistance), fast with AR coatings (but less violet than the P30R), OP headlamp and main light XP-L2 LED. RGB LEDs are supposedly -XP-E2 RGB, while the UV LED is some XP-E equivalent, Chinese equivalent of 365nm.

We can undo the crown if someone interferes.

When the metal lace is turned over, we can “mount” the included light diffuser

P30R on the head has cutouts, the MR35 is smooth

The ribs remain unchanged, although it seems quite sharp - in all such is not.

Button to change modes - and here there have been many changes. I do not know if it’s a question of a particular piece, whether it has been improved, it has much smaller side laps, the click was similar to the P30R - that is very pleasant and accurate. The principle of operation of the diode in some side has changed, now it is not lit all the time when the flashlight is on, later on

On the other side of the USB port, unfortunately with a performance of only 0.8A. The port is well protected, the eraser is hidden, I did not happen to open it in a few days using the flashlight
MR35 don’t have PowerBank function

Central tube and switch - again like previously tested models, stripe threading. In my opinion it looks great, definitely better than “traditional” knitting, pleasant to the touch and well-groomed.

Threads - here others can learn. Fantastic quality, well lubricated.

Tick in the cap, pleasant, loud, quite hard (but no exaggeration)

Compression spring single (Nitecore uses double), hard and well made. Some links in the shock will turn off the flashlight - unfortunately the driver does not have a spring

Driver quite similar, but not identical. It still does not have a temperature sensor and adjusts the brightness according to the temperature. This manual does not provide information about protection against reverse polarity of the cell (I did not test whether such protection is).

Turn the flashlight on the “asshole”, change modes with a side click.

- Modes operate in a loop: low; medium; tall,

- double quick click - strobe mode

  • another double quick click - alternate to a few flashes of blue; red; e.t.c.

One click and we go out with “flashers”

  • hold down the button and the loop changes modes: red; green; blue; UV

Over-voltage protection:

- after reaching 3.5V, the LED in the blue “slow” switch flashes and the mode “high” to “medium”

- when the cell reaches less than 3.3V, it decreases the brightness and only the low and medium modes (high is not in the mode loop)

- At 3V the LED goes out in the middle mode (only flashing the switch, then we can turn on the RGB or UV light)

- if we are able to switch low mode (this is not so easy, the flashlight does not want to change the mode, and in the middle mode goes off in a fraction of a second after turning on the flashlight)

  • 2.75V will go out in low mode

When the torch is off and press the side button and turn on the flashlight - if the cell will have eg. 3.8V, the LED in the switch flashes 3 * slowly and 8 * quickly.

In my opinion the driver is simple and easy to use. I only miss one or two additional modes - the real moon and something between 300 and 1200lm.

On models P20R and P30R I complained about too low current - because only 2.5A at supposed 1180lm.
MR35 is already 3A in TURBO from the cell, 1200lm is obtainable with the XP-L2 LED

In the P20R and P30R the graph went lower despite lower current to the beginning. I missed the intermediate mode between 300 and 1200lm? Fall of 1200lm is something indirect. EAGTAC PX30 “dropped” to about 80, those slightly over 60 is not a bad result …

Size comparison: FiTorch MR35, Wuben I333 and DM21T

Here in the photo shoot only with Wuben I333

EAGTAC PX30LC2-R between FiTorch MR35 and P30R - seems so small Smiley

Field shooting, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 2s, white balance - Fluorescent H
FiTorch MR35

Fitorch P30R

Nitecore EC4 MOD (XM-L2 U2 3C)




I think one of the most important features of this flashlight is the UV diode. For comparison, I had the Nitecore MH27UV, well, I do not know what Nitecore was thinking of installing such a diode - but compared to FiTorch it looks terrible.

Nitecore MH27UV:

FiTorch MR35 (let the experts evaluate if it is actually 365nm, in my opinion the quality of this diode is satisfactory)

Full size photos:

Some words of summary:
After the P20R and P30R tests - I was looking with optimism about what the future holds and what FiTorch will show. A few days I used the MR35, in terms of ergonomics, this is not the world championship, here they still have to do the lesson.
Still, the RGB LEDs are still significantly improved, and I think that the UV lamp is still quite good and still lacks several modes.
Quality of work - coating, threads, buttons - many “better” companies could take an example with FiTorch.
For EAGTAC or Nitecore looking at ergonomics, before FiTorch a lot of work, control (a matter of taste, but there are several items to improve).
MR35 is a great improvement on the P20R and P30R, I do not know what price will be sold, but if the price will fluctuate around 40USD - you should take the MR35 into consideration, then another flashlight Smiley

And what do you think of this lighthouse?
Can anyone of you have a picture of a perfect flashlight, ideal driver? You can share with me information and your thoughts!

I ask you to ask questions!


Thanks for the review. I have one of these in transit from Banggood for review, and looking forward to it.

Are you waiting for the MR35? This is a very cool flashlight for the price that it is currently.

I have almost all FiTorch models (MR35, P20R, P30R, EC10 (it’s at a colleague, waiting for a review) and I already have P26R :slight_smile: - I will do a review soon.

FiTorch - Banggood :slight_smile: fitorch - Buy fitorch with free shipping | Banggood Shopping

Yes, it’s the MR35 on its way.

Banggood has provided us with discount codes! :slight_smile:

Now better prices:

Can you please tell me how much is visible range of red and green light ?

Depends on ambient light and night adjustment of eyes, but I’d say around 30m. My review is complete, but Banggood have asked me to wait until the light is back in stock before publishing.

Only 30 m, pff what is that it can be used only for playing with kids…Don’t see a purpose if you will build a RGB leds in a lights with range of 30 m… I am disappointed so I’ll cross out this light from my wish list. FiTorch MR35 :expressionless:

Can you please explain why that’s bad? What’s better and why? I’m just trying to learn something….

I already told, that kind of range is completely unusable for anything. It can’t be used for hunting and it can’t be used for tactical purposes, I don’t see other aim than just playing with it out of boredom…