[FIXED] 1 post per minute

A few times I’ve posted something, then realized i missed something, so I edit the post, and I’m very good at missing things, so I frequently hit the 1 post per minute blocker, could we up this to two posts per minute to allow for quick edits to add information?

I doubt that the Boss, and I mean that affectionately, would change that as it was put in place to slow spammers down enough so that other remedial actions could be taken against them. Trust me, you never want to see that many handbag ads…

This protection feature is poorly implemented. One should be able to edit a post immediately, but not create a new post.

And while were talking about site improvements, how about making the watched post email feature a bit more sophisto… just send the email when the first new post to a thread arrives. Don’t send any more until the member has re-visited the thread. That will eliminate those zillions of superfluous emails that say that a busy thread has been updated. CNCZONE works this way and it is VERY effective.

i was originally going to ask for this one, but i just turned off all the e-mails and bookmarked the watched posts page

+1 to all texas said :wink:

I suppose there could be tweaks to the way this is implemented, but you can’t argue with success. The robot spammers have been pretty much flushed down the intertubes in this place, and I think that’s a really good thing.

Plus, I’m guessing our Admin doesn’t have infinite time to fiddle with every little annoyance.

If we consider everything in the world to be good enough, nothing will ever be improved or invented

On behalf of everyone on BLF, thanks for the life lesson. >) ;)

Sorry, that was totally smartassed and probably not deserved. But for your consideration, Mr Admin runs this place all on his own, with pretty much no help from anyone else, and it's not his day job. He is constantly making improvements and regularly asks for feedback from the forum. The one minute rule is a pain sometimes, but it works for it's intended purpose. Perhaps when he has time, it will be tweaked and improved.

between posts than have all the crap spam we were getting for a while.

I was not trying to offend the admin or anyone else, this thread was born of a suggestion and the reason why i thought it is a good one.
My comment which is apparently over the top, and i apologize if it is was meant to emphasize that my idea for improvement is not invalid, its not a demand, its a suggestion, and that comment was a reply to the quoted text, not a jab at the Administrator. Why would i want to offend the person who makes this forum that i enjoy posting at?

Bort, not over the top - you have every right to make suggestions. I was just giving a little background in an admittedly smartassed way. No worries.

I understand, i’m also good at turning things into big picture thoughts, its what i do

When Spammers attack our Dear Forum

We used to just try and Ignore 'um

Now we mark them as Spam

'Cause they don't give a Damn

About Wrecking our Peaceful Decorum

Our Forum The Spammers did Crumble

Our Threads they became all Ajumble

Then sb The Great

Decided their Fate

And reduced their Loud Roar to a Mumble

So it Seems that our AntiSpam works

And we Got Rid of Paisley ! Those Jerks !

So Now we can Post

About What we Love Most

Without Fear of The Spammer That Lurks

jackthepoet does it again !


I assume we could all not post without first re-reading what we post ...obviously you read them after you post than realize you've made the mistake ....the only difference is you don't get to post immediately ......most of what we say probably doesn't need to be seen and read immediately ,certainly it could afford to wait another 2 minutes ...I'm pretty guilty of doing this myself ..asking the forum to be modified instead of just modifying our own posting style might be a little much ...again I assume you're not the only one .:P

I do, but i find i sometimes have more to say or think of a better way of saying what i just typed