[FIXED] Email notifications

The notification feature needs to be improved. Instead of getting an email notification for EVERY post in the thread which can get quite annoying there should be an option to only email you when someone replies to the post you made.

Also besides email it'd be nice to be notified by private message, like a popup message when someone replies to your post. I'd rather be notified that way instead of email. And options to choose one or both.

I used to get email notifications but not anymore. It's been like this for a while now but I'm pretty sure Mr. Admin is working on fixing/improving this.

Has quit working for me as well.

Check your "My Watched Posts" setting, they sometimes get disabled.

Yeah, that happens to me every time I view a thread with my iPhone. I do still get email notifications after re-enabling, or on any post I'm watching that I didn't view on my iPhone. i do see the email failure notices the forum software is putting out too.


I have this checked "Automatically enable email notifications for posts that I start watching" and I still don't get any email notifications. No big deal though.

I've only been a member here for about a month but it's been working just fine for me.

Hey, admin, dozens of “Unable to send e-mail. Please contact the site administrator if the problem persists.” lately :evil: I need to wait more than 20 sec to my post being posted. Quite annoying :bigsmile:

It works sometimes with mine and I post from a galaxy tablet at times,I think it's making notifications act up.Now I get unable to send e-mail message.

I always had that option unchecked, but sometimes, after posting, on the upper part of the thread, that message appears :expressionless: Must be internal forum/server/host issue, quite annoying sometimes.

This was my personal annoyance as well. :slight_smile: Fixed now with the new notification system.