Flaming fire flashlight

Spotted this out of stock on Shein, eventually found it on AliExpress. Just had to but one.


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What is the display? a LCD screen? or a backlight picture? Kind of looks like they glued a tablet to the side lol.

How much is it?

Follow the link… ~$15 ~$20

Isn’t that the classic rotating twisted mirror foil illuminated by a single light source? Bigclive did several videos about these types of flame effect.

If you had to guess the CCT of the side panel, what would you put it at? Looks pretty warm!

For $20 (the $15 option mentioned is not this model), with a throw head, a flood work light on the rear, built in solar panel, and USB power I/O, it’s quite tempting :eyes:

Agreed! Quite the novelty.

Hopefully @ecotack will give us a review once received.

The flame effect is the traditional rotating mirrors. Batteries are 2x18650, look to be in parallel.

There is a micro switch on the fold out flood light that turns it on when its opened

The front throw LED is a tiny bead LED on just a PCB, no additional heat sinking, but some pads that look like they are for resistors or possibly a current regulator

The solar panel looks a good size, even in dull cloud covered UK daytime the battery did start to charge.

Control is via the top button, 1st click full spot, 2nd medium spot, 3rd low spot, 4th strobe, 5th spot off and flames on, 6th all off. When I get chance I’ll measure across the LED and see how it is regulated when on full. I’ll likely replace the spot LED with something to give a little more flood and also heat sink it. Its cheaper on AliExpress if you are a new customer, a throw away email address works for that. I’ve ordered another, when that comes I’ll tear one down.

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Thanks for the very informative review! :+1:

The production cost is most likely to be less than $2 but it’s a fun toy by the looks of it.

If I were you, I’d replace those no-name 18650s with tiny capacity (something like 500mAh) with something authentic and add protection circuit, so it doesn’t burn my house down.

I have another one on order. Once that arrives I’ll strip one down, test the batteries, possibly replace with an 8Ah poly I have, change the main LED, add cooling, check the drive current, etc. Now winter is here I should have some free time for fun projects.

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Post plenty of photos so we can get some inspirations. If you are going to put in a big ass battery, it’s sensible to add a power bank function so you can charge your gadgets too. MH-CD42 to manage charging and power bank or something similar.