Flash blind self defense effectiveness?

ive been wondering how effective are flashlights at actually giving you a good edge in a self defense situation where the light is your only weapon. if i shine my 5000 lumen BTU Shocker light in someones face will they be able to still track me or will they be out of it enough for me to retreat or smack them with it ? how bout a 1000 lumen smaller one?
any personal experinces or tests on this?

It might buy you a couple seconds to run away. “Why is this guy shining a flashlight at me?”

Maglite is pretty good when you hit attacker to the head. 99.9% chineese flashlights won’t work in that case.

Ask somebody to shine you in the face and tell us!

(Love those baseball bat lights, have one at every door, the spiked head probably will give a bigger advantage then light.)

Light in the face followed up by the slugger eh? Nice combo… :smiling_imp:

Frequently works on yourself but not always on another.

If they weren’t angry before, after 5000 lumens in the eyes they certainly will be :wink:
Better to try to walk away/ diffuse the situation or as a last resort smash them hard on the bridge of the nose with your btu shocker

I guess you have to ask yourself are you blinded by the headlights of cars?
Do they render you unable to follow your path after staring directly at them?

The human iris is an amazing thing.

I’ve never read a case where attacker was stopped by a bright light.

Counting on a flashlight as a layer of defense may only leave you beaten and missing a nice light.

No. It totally works with the right Nitecore light:

Lol. Never bring a knife to a flashlight fight!

That Nitecore beam stops that knife stab cold like Kylo Ren suspends a blaster beam.
The force is strong with this one.

The only anecdote I can think of where someone reported a flashlight functioning in self-defense was one I think I read on CPF several years ago.

Guy with flashlight was outside at night when he noticed several young men approaching. He thought they perhaps intended to rob him. He pulled out his light and shined it in their faces while saying “How can I help you fellas?” The men immediately stopped approaching, turned aside and quickly left thinking he was a police officer.

Of course you can disable an attacker with a flashlight beam. All you have to do is:

  • Using one hand, take your 10,000 lumen light and hold it within 1 cm of your attacker’s eye.
  • Using your other hand, hold your attacker’s eyelid open so he can’t blink and neutralize your attack.
  • Using your third and fourth hands make sure he doesn’t move his head.
  • Use hands 5 through 8 to hold his arms and body down so that he doesn’t stab you while you perform this operationg.
  • Turn flashlight on turbo and blast him in the eyeball for 5 seconds.
  • Repeat this procedure for his other eye.

So yes… if you’re “Mr. Octopus” you might be able to neutralize your foe with a flashlight beam! :smiley:

lol well i do have a taser so i figure that would be more effective …

i just think its funny to see these ads saying it can blind a bear! lol yea ya gonna get eaten,

OK, I’ve just gone along and tested this on myself with my Manker U11 in strobe. I’m barely able to make out the keys I’m hitting right now due to after image. Are we able to agree that even 1000 lumens is a hell of a lot of light, especially if blasted in your face from 1 meter away. I can imagine it would be quite disorientating, but not incapacitating. It’ll buy you a second or two to make an escape or reach for a better weapon.

No idea why Nitecore would make such a video. It’ll never have such a reaction on an assailant.

Take on multiple enemies. Tackle and grapple!

And should that fail, bust out your BJJ

Humor aside, there is this: http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?356772-Police-Study-of-tactical-use-of-Strobe

Wait, those videos are actually from Nitecore?
Man I thought they were satirical LOL

A Convoy S series makes a great fist load or kubotan .