Flashaholic vs The World

The World: "WOW!! This light is fantastic! It's the brightest I've ever seen!"

Flashaholic: "It's just an iTP A3 R5, it's so dim..."

Real story, last week. :)

My girlfriend's brother lost his car keys so a search operation started. It was dark, so everyone who had a light pulled out their 3 to 9 5mm LEDs flashlights and I used my iTP. I wish I had brought my Manafont XM-L with a flame Trustfire... :) (The keys were later found in someone's bag, no one knows how they got there)

Even my XML torches fail to impress me any longer and they are the brightest I have...yet. I'm in for a lot of trouble...and fun!

This phenomenon is well known. I first experienced it when I was into building really fast cars, and now it's also showing up with my lights. I was showing a neighbor my triple and 6-XML mag builds the other night and they were blown away, while I was certain that the batteries needed a charge because to me they looked rather dim.... Oh well, guess it's time for another big(ger) build.

We really need that NZ2 PocketRocket, eh?

But even that wouldn't be enough :)

I can't wait.

Still selling that one mod of yours? Others for sale?

PM me which ones and how much.

You're not fooling us you know!

We all know you hid them just so people would have to use flashlight to find them :P

Although I've sold a few of my mods now, it's not something I've really advertised...because, well... I have reasons, but not really any good ones...

[quote= oldbobk]


Thought about it at all? I have, but not to the point of where I've done anything.


I have, but my aversion to HID may come from how such lights need to be treated. For example, they don't like quick on and off operation and there are still bulbs to burn out. One of these days I may try it out. In the meantime, I've worked up the plans for a couple of very high output LED lights that I'd like to try and build in the near future...not really mods persay, but ground up builds over 9k and 21k L respectively.

As a follow-up to my previous post about getting used to bright lights and needing more, I think it begs the question: How much is too much?


No, not really. :)

IMO there's nothing wrong with selling a mod for profit that you worked hard on making. I'd do it if I had your skills--why not you? PM me if you ever have something you want to get rid of to make room for your new stuff.

When the people on the next continent complain ;)