Flashlight Bombs

I know this has been posted before but it has made the news again.


Someone needs to find this moron who is making these things, hold his eyelids open, and shine a fully-powered XM-L into this eyes until his retinas melt. Of course, I can feel it now, rather than catching this idiot, this will go the way of the Assault Weapon ban - no more flashlights with more than 1 battery, no more flashlights with a head bigger than 25mm, and no more flashlights more than 8” long. Never mind that a baby-bottle could just as easily be fabricated into a bomb, oh no, it must be the flashlight’s fault. Wait for it…


Nice to find out about another libertarian. :)

That could cause problems for flashaholics.
One scenario: You are pulled over by police and they notice a number of flashlights in a bag on your back seat plus a few on your person. Next thing you know you have guns pointed at your head and/or tasers. Maybe they will even taser you just to be sure.

On the other hand if you drop a spare light on a nightly walk you will likely find it as no one will pick it up.

from the article :
Mangan said the agency has ruled out any connection to terrorism because the targets have been random and there have been no messages or demands… :expressionless:

Then further down it reads:
“”Anytime any individual uses a bomb, their purpose is to create fear in the community and also to inflict serious injury or death,” he said. :expressionless:

Wait ! Isn’t that terrorism ?

dchomak : ” Of course, I can feel it now, rather than catching this idiot, this will go the way of the Assault Weapon ban - no more flashlights with more than 1 battery, no more flashlights with a head bigger than 25mm, and no more flashlights more than 8” long. ”

You can’t possibly expect the criminal to be punished for THEIR behavior !!
After all, they only did this because ,
(insert excuse here ). J)

Coming to a Congress near you : “The Flashlight Registration Act of 2014 ” … |(

I wonder how much the “doc stamp” fee will be if you want ” strobe” ? :wink:

I havd several pre-ban flashlights that I am stocking up on. I will try to sell them for $1000 each once they are banned. Too bad Surefire beat me to the price increase already.

I hadn’t thought about this, but

Anybody caught with tools that are used to mod a flashlight could be at risk of being accused of having a bomb making factory. In forums when describing a certain XM-L we shouldn’t use terms like “most bang for the buck”.

And speaking of Moronic Bans

I’m not sure whether I should laugh or cry…


A piece of steel with a few holes drilled in it, is considered a ” destructive device”

Human stupidity, at it’s finest…

Because of the large number of flashlights in the suspect’s house, plus a large quantity of circuit boards, dangerous imported batteries, and soldering equipment, it is thought he is running a bomb factory.

Putting it like that, I’m amazed I haven’t had a visit from the NSA/DHS/CIA/SS/etc. With the exception of explosives and intent, I have a bomb maker’s wet dream in my home lab…


An investigation at the post office indicates receipt of a large number of packages in brown envelopes from overseas with suspicious customs forms.

And if you want “Stupid Ordinances” - here’s one from my home-town…

In parks and recreation areas:
No person except an authorized law enforcement officer shall bring onto the park property or recreational facility or have in his possession on park property or recreational facility any pistol, long gun, explosive, dynamite cap, fireworks, airgun, pellet gun, spring gun, slingshot, crossbow, bow and arrow, any device which can be loaded with blank cartridges, any trapping device, any incendiary bomb or material, any smoke or stink bomb, any tear gas or other disabling chemical or agent, any acid or caustic substance or any flammable liquid.

Pistols and Long guns are allowed by state statute - and it’s a crime for a local government to pass or enforce a law that attempts to disallow them.

acid/caustic substance/flammable liquid - it’s apparently illegal to bring lemon juice for your tea and also illegal to bring your vehicle since it’s full of many gallons of a very flammable liquid.

Why do we elect these idiots?


Well, remember my Liberty minded brothers, we laugh a nervous laugh now only because we are all afraid that this train of thought (banned flashlights) is a little too likely to really happen.

Yeah, I’m something along those lines… I hate titles, but libertarian is probably as close as you’ll peg me with a single word… I certainly wish our government was about 10% of the size it is… I also wish that our politicians believed in our constitution and took very seriously their oath to uphold and defend it…


Edited for content because here and again I should think before I type…

Yes, we are right to laugh a nervous laugh.

Because people are gullible !

A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy.

BoomFire !

Thank god the U.S. isn’t a democracy.

That may be the funniest thing I read all week - bravo!

Could be implications for air travel too.

Unfortunately this type of hysteria can potentially impact the freedoms and choices of legitimate users.