Flashlight Bundle for sale!!!

Flashlight Bundle for sale!!!

PM me, please. Best offer.
$115.00 total shipped for everything. OBO.
Most everything is typically CW versions.

Please see my flickr site. First two images.


Batteries are included.

Astrolux FT03
Sofirn SP33
Wurkkos WK30
Convoy S11
Manker MC12
Wowtac W1

That’s no fun. Gotta change it to “Please delete” or something.

Indeed. Mission accomplished.

Was also too late for a presumably scandalous subject. Bummer.

My deal didn’t take place. I’m bringing this bundle back. Mint condition, and perfect working order.

I have someone in the process of buying this bundle. I’ll keep you all posted.

Put me down as backup if it falls through

Good afternoon. I did just sell these items. Have a great day!