Flashlight Comparison: Wuben L50 vs. SC18 vs. Wurkkos FC12 vs. Wurkkos TD02 vs. Convoy S2+

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Noice! I do recall my FC12 had nice throw, especially for a tubelight.

The SC18 just came up in a different thread, and while it looks hella familiar, I’m still not sure if I have one.

But I always preferred TIR lenses beam vs reflectors, especially for close-in lighting. Like for a walking light, I prefer a triple of TIR lenses, but in some cases those small reflectors throw a nice smooth floody beam, too.

Triples almost always give nice smooth beams, like in the TO46R, E2L, TS10, etc. Way easier on the eyes to see everything in your path, both on the ground and ahead, vs having a bright hotspot that washes out everything in the so-called “useful spill”.

Like, even when I go around the block to dump some letters in the mailbox, I’ll take a floody light in case I need it, but will always have a real thrower in a pocket ready to go.

Oh, and I was actually surprised the S2+ was so throwy. Especially with the shallower reflector vs the S2, I never really put “S2+” and “throwy” in the same sentence.

I dug out my ED20-T to play with for a while. Hate hate hate the HML sequence, but love the dual-tailswtches, like the TM02(?) I got.

I’m really into tactical lights these days - they prioritise throw over flood but you do some some that use a OP reflector like the Nextorch range. Those beams are better for illuminating a larger area. I find that a larger XHP70.3 can produce the same amount of light as 4xSST20s can… And with less heat? In a small reflector, it’s pretty floody. Recently I got the Acebeam E75 (4x519a) but found that my trusty Sofirn IF25a can outperform it in terms of throw/output.

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Could you be remembering the Wurkkos version, WK03?

Quoting Zeroair:

Yes this Wurkkos WK03 and the Sofirn SC18 are nearly identical! Same specifications, same nearly everything, in fact. This Wurkkos has knurling though, while the Sofirn SC18 has ridges

Honestly, I have no idea. After so many lights are just letter-letter-number-number (especially {WK|FC|SC|SP}-number-number), they all just tend to blur together.

Agree, I find the Convoy nomenclature the most difficult to remember.