Flashlight display stands to recommend.

Received my stand under a week! Problem solved now!

Anyone using these display stands for your collection? FT does sell these with 25mm diameter holes that fit our cigar size lights. Where to find slight better grade, with budget of under $30 and still able to hold ~25 lights?

Show us what you are using!

https://www.fasttech.com/products/3030/10009718/2039604 [Age +18]


I couldn't choose between wood or clear finishing, end up ordering both stands to try out. They are well within my budget.

They sold directly from China sites without Paypal option. If anyone needs the link, you may drop me a PM. I cannot show it here as the store specialize with v@ping (+18) contents.

Nice idea. But I wonder if the holes are too close together.
The bezels might not fit. Would have to rearrange small bezels next to big bezels maybe…

I don’t have anything now, but it would be nice. My tube lights are always falling over. A little pricey for what you get though.

I hope to find a proper way to organize my frequently used lights as they are lying all over my bedroom right now. Need a solution for ease of access but it should be child safe at the same time.

Maybe just get some wood and make your own? That way you can arrange the holes where you want.

Could be cool looking if you have some cuts from a trunk of a small (or large) diameter tree. Just drill some holes in it to place the flashlight in.

Or maybe just a 2x4 or 4x4 bolted to a wall (shelf-style) that has holes drilled to place the torches in?

Some have already seen it but…………

I built this a couple of months ago, although it is a carry case, not a display.

And yes the chain was taken out (lid stop) and replaced by a wooden arm/prop instead.

99.999% of residents here do not own a bench drill in their house . I like DIY but working on wood will be tricky without proper tools. Result is not guarantee either. I would prefer to stick to off-the-shelf path for my case.

I have seen you work previous. Your carpentry skill is impressive. @robo819

I just found this through youtube. Paint display Anton 63. I am more lean to laser cutting now.

I use these these little “utility hooks” — most Ace Hardware stores carry them.

along with a “finish washer” over them (bigger than the inner ring, which is made to punch out)

these fit right under the little bolts that hold your light switch cover plates on, and look Ok.

(The switch plate bolt heads are conical; they fit the finish washer’s shape;

the finish washer is big enough to securely cover the hole in the utility hook. Note the middle ring of that hook will tear right out and let the wall switch screwplate bolts pull through it — so you need the finishing washer)

So that puts a hook conveniently out of the way right below each light switch. Add some glow-in-the-dark something and it’s findable after the earthquake.

That works well with these clips on flashlights

(available from various places, black or polished — FT most recently has best price at https://www.fasttech.com/products/1894503
— hat tip for that to Keengeorge in the Deals thread; search that thread for “clip” for more sources)

Those are attached with a split ring — then I hang the lights various places unless I’m carrying the light on a belt loop or backpack D-ring or such.

I like the small tree trunk idea, that’s going in my looong list of projects now.

Maybe robo can build us some budget cases or stands, start a group buy anyone? :bigsmile:

robo doesn’t have mass production facilities….lol

I had considered doing a project or 2 for the forum, but honestly I don’t want to promise anything, because I have severe spinal arthritis, and I never know when I can get out there and work in the shop or when I will be laid up for days at a time.

Made my order! See OP.

I thought this was a terrific way of storing my lights and edc. Sadly the UK prices are double the US ones so I never got one in the end.

What’s this about not sharing the links because of vaping? We share fasttech links all the time…

I’m just interested in how much they cost.

I am trying to exercise some social responsibility here. The moment you click on the link, you will see atomizers, juice, etc on their front page. It is fine for us as we are grown ups, but we have to be mindful of what we are sharing online at times. PM incoming.

Finished assembling my display stand :) Can't wait to take a photo to show you guys.

Like the spacing, what’s the SKU and where?

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