Flashlight Durability Test

Hey folks i recently made a video of me testing a super cheap flashlight i bought from Aliexpress. The light only cost me 2USD so i thought i would test it out and see what 2USD gets you.

This is the light here.
Cheap flashlight

I done some simple test

  • 30min in a bucket of water
  • 2 drop test from 1.5m high
  • Ran it over with a car

Overall the light is good only issue would be that the pill does not screw into the body but as a cheap host its still okay. The build quality is great for the price and the anodizing is tough. It fits a normal 16mm LED board and a 17mm driver but the driver sits on top of the pill so some may need modding. A retaining ring holds the pill and driver in place.
The stock LED and driver are the usual fake rubbish but they do work and with a 18650 the light still outputs maybe 400 lumens.

This is the complete test. I tried to fast forward the water test but at 10 times speed its still 3min long.


Original review


The light being run over.


I will add more to this soon!