Flashlight Fanatics Podcast (15th May 2024)

Flashlight Fanatics is an Australian-based podcast about flashlights starring Darren Yeo and Tim McMahon.
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Here are our first three episodes!

Episode 1: Power outages: Are you prepared? (2024-02-19)

Today we are discussing recent power outages in Australia due to a storm. We share some of our recommendations including flashlights and survival gear.

Episode 2: Why These Are Our TOP 5 Flashlights For 2024! (2024-03-12)

Today we are discussing some of our favourite flashlights for the start of 2024.

Episode 3: Inside Flashlight Factories: Exclusive Access! (2024-05-03)

Today we are discussing Tim’s recent trip to visit flashlight factories in 2024. In this exclusive behind-the-scenes episode, we talk about the production capabilities and processes of various popular brands and compare them.

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Episode 4: Introduction to LEP Flashlights and Modules! (2024-05-15)

Today we are discussing LEP Flashlights and Modules!