Flashlight for $ 9.9. CRAZY CHRISTMAS SALE. 2020 Christmas Lucky Stocking From Banggood

In this clip I will show you how to buy the best products at the best prices for Christmas on Banggood.
How not to be fooled. Do not skip this clip when buying lucky products. Turn on the subtitles and enjoy a merry and warm Christmas

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Camera: https://www.banggood.com/2020-Christmas-Lucky-Stocking-p-1787646.html?utm_campaign=14991337_Youtube&utm_content=11022&p=7X082114991337201710
Flashlight: https://sea.banggood.com/2020-Christmas-Lucky-Stocking-p-1787304.html?utm_campaign=14991337_Youtube&utm_content=11022&p=7X082114991337201710
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I have a better idea:

I will pay a Bangood a mystery price for the items in my basket. They don’t find out the mystery price until after they ship the items. Then it will be a fun xmas surprise for them! Maybe I will pay full RRP, or maybe I will pay much, much less !

lol, better idea.

Any one does this please post what you end up getting.
Just the casual shopper in me saying this is all crap bullshit bojango

What did you think you were doing posting this idea?! You now owe me a new keyboard, a cup of hot tea and some tissues to clean my monitor! :-))

I wonder if this kind of advertising applies to “false advertising”. Well, technically it’s not false advertising as even Banggood cannot tell you what rubb… sorry great items you gonna get. :partying_face:

I quess this will all be - Best Value - Best in Class - items.

Are these deals for the clinically insane ?

I'll send you a mystery bag of money and you send me a mystery bag of crap .

Lets see how much fun we can all have when we open them up on Christmas morning .

When I first saw this, my thoughts were that this would be a good way of getting rid of some stocked items that were not selling so good.
Clear out some old or unpopular inventory before the end of the year.
By the time someone actually gets one of these items in hand to report back, the christmas sale would be over either way.

likely you will get this light with GREATER value :smiley: :smiling_imp:

No. Very bad. Very very bad.

I’ve always believed in good things. I meet a lot of good people who help people. Don’t you believe good things will happen to you?

I am sorry to inform you but this marketing campaign is just no good on so many levels. For one, we all know many retailers mark things up massively and put on a “sale” to attract people while the sale price is simply what they’d normally want to charge for the item. This is a common practice, especially amongst online Chinese retailers.

Secondly, people want to know what they’re buying before they buy it. That’s why product reviews are so valuable. People have absolutely no idea what they’re buying in this case.

edit: looks like you’re just saying how to make the most of their deal.

Surely you will get 1 convoy flashlight. Why don’t we give ourselves a little thrill, a little luck for the new year. If you have faith, life will be much happier. I also bought a bit of luck, a bit of faith for myself.
Its price tag is $ 19.9

There are so many variants of convoy flashlights I don’t want, those xpl and xml ones with the cree rainbow for instance. I’d rather pay a little extra for something I know I want than receive a piece of junk I’d have to buy parts for and convert.

No, too many bad things. No returns, no guarantees, no reviews, nothing nothing nothing. You buy it, you stuck with it. Could be defective, could be used, could be a return, could smell bad, so many things to go wrong. Junk? Garbage? Here you go… “Mystery Bag”. Bad bad bad.

no thanks

tired of mystery games with bbanggood and fastech and ali

We call that being gullible.
Add in the internet and china it be comes stupid :beer:

In the interest of science, I placed an order for a $9.99 Convoy flashlight. I got what I expected, a $9.99 Convoy flashlight. Black S2+ XML2 T6-3B. Which you can buy with a coupon for $9.69 at the moment. So not that lucky. Although shipping was cheaper then at £0.90, its now £18.57 to the UK.

Xmas is over so what light did you get from the lucky dip?

Do tell :smiling_imp: