Flashlight for a gift, which one...

1. USB charge (C preferred)
2. Battery included. 18650 or 26650
3. Not a thrower, more or less flood type. 4000K 90CRI+
4. 30$ shipped.

Any suggestions?
Thanks, Mike

Our ancesters did not invent the expression “fool proof” by chance.
We use it a lot, but often as matter of speach. Like $hxx is not always used to describe feces.
Actually the Germans call it “Idiotensicher”, and only in this kind of situations.

I would not give a light you describe to anybody who is not perfectly aware of what he/she is dealing with.
All others get AA or AAA lights from me.
Before you think of giving a certain light from your perspective: think of the person you want to give it to.
BTW, USB charging does not make it any safer.

I asked for usb charging not because “safer” but because ability to charge with cellphone charger everyone have.


Astrolux S42/S43 on coupon.
Very Niiice 4x LED flooder with some throw.
18650 with charger built in. My S41’s don’t. But I don’t like them.
Better. More even, constant charging with outside charger.

rofis MR30
in stock

SC31? Not 4000K, but not Angry Blue™, either.

It’s made for The Muggle.

And it’s an absolute bargain!

Absolutely. I got one to review and went’n’bought another one shortly after. It’s a nice “safe” light, even if you’re not The Muggle, but just want to not set your pantaloons on fire.

My first reaction was “Yaaaawwwwwwn!” with the modest spex, but very quickly grew to appreciate its niche.

And the price was certainly right!