Flashlight for a Plumber

Hi new to forum need advice on my first LED flashlight , tried to highlight my top requirements


1 AA or CR123 battery

2 good reliability

3 Pocket clip

4 Simple UI (strobe, sos not important)

5 Med setting around 25+ lumens 4hrs run time

6 Tail Clicky

Think thats it price range $40 (£25) to $50 (£30)

These are the ones I've found don't which is best or if there are more i should consider would appreciate any advice




Hi there. Welcome. I don't have the Rofis, but Jetbeam and Klaris are smart choices. The best actual use lights tend not to be high-lumen show lights, so just ask yourself if you have any need for anything more. If not, sounds like you're on the right track.

Hi there and welcome to the forum! While not a plumber I've done my fair shair of DIY plumbing work and I find a headlamp to be indespensable for this purpose (especially when both hands need to be free). While you can tailstand a light somewhere, that might not always be the case so you might want to consider this route as well.

I think the Rofis is actually the best choice of the three you listed given you can angle the head to aim the light where you'd like which I think would be pretty important in your line of work.

Thanks , i had thought of a headlamp but i thought it would end up being thrown in my tool box and eventually getting broke , my idea is to keep it either in my jacket (winter time ) or either clipped to my belt or in my pocket so it's always handy , the Rofis is tempting but at the back of my mind I'm thinking is there too much to go wrong with it, but glad to here I'm on the right track

im a cable guy and use my headlamp more now. i got the spark 460 and got a clip with it. i find clipping it on my shirt the most convenient right at the V of the collar. i can tilt the light up/down and wear it all day.

How about a tk70?

LOL, that's exactly what I was thinking. Maybe he would be more comfortable with a toilet-plunger style light!

haha couldn't resist..

Classic, pounder!

pounder -


I know you want to get an L.E.D. flashlight suitable for a plumber, but if you see a flashlight made of something called plumbum, don't buy it! You see, plumbum is the Latin name for lead, whose chemical symbol is Pb. And although the English word plumber is derived from plumbum, plumbers quit using lead for plumbing in the early 1970s due to lead poisoning. So go for the L.E.D. and avoid the lead. (As if anyone made flashlights out of lead.)


Going too much off-topic.

He/she has a serious question.

I would also suggest a headlamp, so you'll have both hands free!

Good one pounder!

With all the weird things being made with built-in led flashlights -- I wouldn't be surprised if someone actually found a plunger with a built-in led light.

The most recommended budget AA headlamp is probably the UltraFire UF-H2.

review: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/968

where to buy: http://chinaprices.us?q=uf-h2


but take also a look at the sipik its cheap its reliable and with tailstand gives enough light to work.

Only problem is that you need spare batteries for 4 hours.

But if you need runtime that long, go 18650.

Thanks i will take your advice on board

Hey, but leads are soldered to LED with lead!

omg it almost rhymes :p

And I thought plumbum was a homeless plumber. Silly me... ;-)