Flashlight for my wife

Hello everyone. I posted this here because I am not sure what size light to get my wife. She has a purple Fenix E01 on her keychain. I want to get her something in pink. I am not sure if it should be a keychain AAA light or a pocket AA light. It would be for the cool factor of owning a pink light and maybe for EDC to have another option to that Fenix E01. She is not a flashaholic, but simply thinks it is a neat and cool thing. Thanks for the help. Just to give you a heads up she is somewhat of a tomboy, carried a Leatherman Micra on her keychain, and keeps a Leatherman Juice KF4 near her or in her pocket. She likes her pink Zippo lighter and purple Spyderco knife.

This could be your light.. Pink and AA


I gave this one to my sister some time ago. It's not as pink as it seems to be on the pictures, more of a red, really. Anyway, it's well built, has a handy form-factor and is reasonably bright on alcalines and NiMH (didn't test it with Li-Ion). The only downside is the SOS.

I think that Aurora may be one of the few pink pocket lights left - the other one I would've suggested was the Mr Lite KC-05, but it's not available.

As an aside, your wife has excellent taste in MTs. I've been carrying a Kf4 for close to 9 years now (I'm on #3)

Too bad it doesn't say "FandyFire" on it as well!!!

I envy you! My SWMBO although she relies regurlarly on me when needing a light or a knife or a tool, and although she is the one working nightshift at a hospital thinks flashlights, knives, multitools and the like are a silly waste of time.:D

Some options in wife-friendly colours with AAA support :


TANK007 E06 SSC-W42180U HA-III 170-Lumen LED Flashlight (2*AAA)

TANK007 TK-703 HA-III Cree Q3-WC 110-Lumen LED Flashlight - Red (1*AAA/1*10440)

Black Cat HM-01 HA-II OSRAM 100-Lumen LED Flashlight - Red (1*AAA)


Brinyte PD03A HA-III Cree Q5-WC 5-Mode 150-Lumen Memory LED Flashlight - Red (1*AAA/1*10440)

iTP A3 EOS Cree XP-E Q5 3-Mode 80-Lumen LED Flashlight Purple (Upgrade..

iTP A3 EOS Cree XP-E Q5 3-Mode 80-Lumen LED Flashlight Red (Upgrade Ed...

iTP A3 EOS Cree XP-E Q5 3-Mode 80-Lumen LED Flashlight Golden (Upgrade...

Is the KC-05 gone? Pity.

It's a nice - if rather overcomplicated light. The 9 modes were more than a little excessive.

It wasn't on the market all that long.

Lightake still has the KC-05, but in bright red.


Actually, I would check to see if you can still get in on the WK30 sale that SZwholesale was running. $20 shipped for a decent light is not bad at all. It looks like they have it in pink as well. Details are here:


Don's unfinished review is here:


My wife does not mind that I have this small hobby on my fixed income. Her hobby it needlework and I do not mind that either. She is doing scafves for the special olympics right now. I also found this on TheBay, what do you think:


I got this one for my girlfriend from Manafont with a pink trit from DX, she loves it and keeps it on the nightstand.

Unfortunately it came with a really lame emitter and I had to switch it to a Q5 I had from one of my XML conversions.

Here is the link it was $5 bucks and takes 3aaa batteries. It is really bright with the Q5 direct drive it was pretty lame with the stock emitter. This would be a great opportunity to start your modding skills pick up a $5 dollar soldering iron at Walmart and a $3 dollar emitter and make it yours or in this case hers.


I don't know if it's completely gone, but Lighttake has been out of the gold and pink ones for months now with no restock. The red is still available.

Not many decent pink lights around

maybe http://www.dealextreme.com/p/aurora-sh-272-cree-q4-wc-2-mode-220-lumen-white-led-flashlight-with-strap-red-1-18650-47359

You could get a purple iTP A3, much better quality that the dodgy AAA lights on DX.

If she is interested in pink for cancer reasons then this one might make her very happy.


Edit: But the crappy light output might make her very sad. :(

You could always try modding it. Might be some way to put a Cree on a 10mm star directly driven from a 10440 with a QTC pad to control the current.

Get her the

Xtar WK30 it's $40 but you may be able to get it cheaper


She already has that pink Maglite but never uses it because its output is a joke. It looks like that ETAR is a nice light just expensive....well for me anywho. LOL :) Hmmm

He can get it off SZwholeslae for $20 shipped off this thread:


If szwholesale is no longer running the deal from the thread, he can still get it for $22 shipped off of their website:


Szwholesale and Xtar are apparently owned by the same people, so if you buy it, it ships direct from the manufacturer.

I've just bought the purple iTP R5 upgrade for my girlfriend... she'll probably have a good laugh at this with her mother, but I just thought it's not right that she doesn't have a (decent) flashlight. :)

i have this