Flashlight for photography use - high-CRI - dimmable - a bit spot

Hello I’m trying to find a a good flash light with good quality colours niche 219b (high cri), rampable, and dimmable, with 18650 or equivalent battery type, and zoomable if possible.

Right now I have a surefire G2, a nitecore MH2C (blue bad color of the light), light maverick m10 (better color temperature), and a Eagletac D25LC2.

I prefer these things:

  • single emitter and precise spot; I can use snoot as well, but the light have to be strong;

  • high cri (nichia 219B?) not too cool

  • dimmable, because when I want to shoot faces, I can adjust the light accordingly;


  • if is handheld could be good, but can be ok. similar to this can be ok, but it’s not necessary https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/produ…r_led_kit.html


What about a Videolight?
What is your distance to your object?
A flood light seems better for faces.
And a camera has normally problems with a hotspot?

No, Joechina, for my style of pictures, I prefear spill spotlight, that’s why I often use snoot and cinefoil.

What about these 3 torches that have dimmable output?

Nitecore P36
Nitecore MT22C
Fenix UC52 (this is not dimmable but seems nice)
Fenix TK35UE

I don’t have any of this lights, sorry.
Be aware most lights step down in output fairly quick.

Maybe an Emisar D4S with Nichia or XP-L Hi
Has a bit of throw and a hotspot. With good ramping settings.

I use my Q8 with a home made diffuser, an S2+ with triple 219’s, and a D4 with a homemade diffuser. Individually, or all together, depending on darkness. I also have a couple of TIP’s, on with a 219 but both with diffusers. You might find it easier to adapt a poor LED with the right coloured diffuser if you cannot find a 219 light to your satisfaction. You WILL want to diffuse whatever you use for a more even contrast across the scene. HTH

Have a look at Jetbeam FL-12,
its not 18650 - but its great for photography.

in a single emitter light - maybe Emisar D4S in SST-4000K - 95CRI? - maybe change the optic to floodier for a couple of $

If there is one that does ALL that - color me impressed….and tell me! :slight_smile:

This is an excellent point. Diffusers are a great tool for photography so you can tailor the tint of the lighting to your needs, based on the subject being photographed.

how about astrolux mf01, and you can buy driver from lexel for stepless dimming.