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The new Haikelite HT70 is out on Taobao. Just look at this price… :frowning:


4x LUMINUS SST70 17000lm. TomE NarsilM adapted by Texas_Ace firmware.

I just opened a new thread about the HT70 to spread the news faster: New Haikelite HT70 [4 SST70, 17000lm, 1500m, 8x 18650]

I like the deep Haikelite fins. This light looks better than the MT09R. Looks like it has a copper shelf?

Any advantage of the SST70 over the XHP70.2? What is the advantage of this over the MT09R?

The only thing I didn’t like about the MT09R is that it doesn’t have any active thermal regulation. The light just gets dimmer and dimmer until it drops to like 400 lumens. I wonder if the updated Narsil incorporated active temperature regulation like Anduril.

No full thermal reg, not as far as I know., but then again, I don't know anything bout this light til now. Looks a little clunky. Dunno anything bout the SST70's though - are they 3 or 6V?

6V, I tested one, XHP50.2 format but a smaller die area.

Thanks djozz, another great LED test! All depends on the throw advantage, but having all those wires, might be a challenge to dedome? Then again, the better LEDs for dedoming seem to have wires...

Are you sure it’s not also available in 3v? Look at the battery tube, it looks like 4 cells in parallel.

It’s 4 + 4 cells; 2S4P

Not much is known about the SST-70 as it is not listed on the Luminus site yet and I’m not aware of a datasheet available. It would be a nice surprise if it came in 3V as well :slight_smile:

Okay, that makes sense. I wonder why the specs say it uses 4 button top cells? Maybe they copied and pasted specs from another light and it contains a few errors.

In this set-up you need button top cells both for driver contact and for battery-battery contact in the middle.

I asked TA if he worked on this light or if Haikelite is just adapting his older MT09R driver without his knowledge. If he worked on it he might have some insight into it’s performance.

Update, he didn’t work on it. Haikelite must have adapted the driver themselves.

That one is like Supwildfire(Mitko super thrower) on steroids and neck switch :slight_smile:

Xanes zoomable flashlight with 80mm lens: :sunglasses:

There is some discussion as well as links to cheaper (but potentially lacking powerbank) variants here


127mm x 36mm

Thank you! It is really cheaper on Aliexpress.

I have a feeling it’s plastic junk but I like the use of 2*18650 and overall format.