Flashlight Host and Uncommon Budget Flashlights

When you find that perfect, budget mod-ready headlamp let me know! I’m also in the market…

I just modded a Amutorch AL1 headlamp last night - 20 mm FET+1 driver, sliced 351D 4000K, Anduril2, 22 AWG wires.

Was a pretty easy mod. Bezel unthreaded easy, poked out the driver easily, decent access to the MCPCB. Kept the stock MCPCB - was about 20 mm diag but only 1.0 mm thick.

It's nothing fancy though - SMO reflector, no switch LED's. It says the tube is titanium but feels like SS because of it's weight. Little too heavy for a headlamp to me.

I wanted decent tint, decent throw, to use more like an EDC rather than headlamp.

Hum, headlamps sometimes are not easily modded due to the drivers/switches/chargers, but they are out there.

Getting one without charging capability would be my first point in case I wanted to mod one.
I have an Acebeam H20 in the drawer ready to be modded, once I order the driver. I will implement a driver with Anduril because I can make it fit in the flashlight. Otherwise, I’d just leave it the way it is :smiley:

To me for a budget head lamp, not much better than the Boruit style single or dual LED headlamps to mod. I modded a dual, use it like every day on the bench. Quadrupel has a custom driver PCB for it now.

I have the Boruit D10 style, single led, but I am not sure if I would be able to mod it.

Did it imply changing the charging ? Or just “change” the driver?

The Boruits make decent hosts if you don’t mind the custom-shaped driver. I did an MCU swap on mine and left the original driver board. I think I must have passed it along to someone else, I don’t have it anymore.

If $20 doesn’t break the bank, the Convoy H1 makes a nice host. Standard 20mm (?) driver board, e-switch with indictor on a separate board, LED on a replaceable 16mm MCPCB, no charging circuit to mess with, and the usual nice Convoy quality. I just sold mine to a buddy so I’m ordering a new one today. My first one just had an MCU swap. The driver is a decent 3 amp linear driver, but I might take this opportunity to do a whole new driver, we’ll see how well this new prototype works out.

Sounds like a great mod, and light! Very cool!

Did you flash Anduril to the MTN-20DDM? Or did you have to replace the attiny on it altogether?

I’m still unsure of the best way to remove/replace/alter tiny components on the driver. I have a KSGER T12, an electric skillet and very little skill.

I’ve destroyed two MTN-17DDM drivers this week trying to install 20AWG wire and then find the excess solder causing high-only behavior. :person_facepalming:

Thanks for the headlamp ideas!

Forgot what I did, but I see I wired in a ATtiny85, so chargin should be preserved. Thought it might have been a cheap direct wired up charger though, not sure:

Thanks again TomE :wink:
Always great mods :wink:

It only looks not bad, but for modding this headlamp host is pure crap.

charger board is separate ,just driver swap. Ordered boost driver PCBs it should be so f…. cool ;))
Convoy have 21mm driver it can be replaced with this one ;))

Dang, Convoy may be bout the only headlamp/rt. angle head EDC I don't have... I bought like 3 of the Eagle Eye ones when they were so cheap, offered in colors, and with 18650 adapters. I got a blue, black, and silver and only spent the time to mod one :FACEPALM:

Ohh no, I don't use MTN drivers. I reflow my own from OSHPark driver PCB's, usually DEL's but many others as well. I got a hot air system - works great to remove components, either all or singles, even small in tight spots. Forgot what it cost but I got it probably from eBay, pretty cheap, nothing fancy. You can get those all-in-ones with soldering iron and hot air, etc., but I have a good Haiko iron - wouldn't give it up for anything.

Do you have a source we can order the JKK90 SBT90.2 from? Looking for silver short tube if possible.

This would be one interesting little puppy to stick a 15W laser module inside… :laughing:

Just goggle foxpro predator light firefly.

Cylons, watch out!

Twosun now makes flashlights as well:


Titanium 18650, 350lm, H-L-strobe.

That's a pretty handsome flashlight.

I found it accidentally. It has a mode ring on the tail. It is a bit like the solution from the Maglite XL200.

Link in the pics.

Whoa! Gotta be careful with that Devil-Level Brightness, though!

Yeah, and be careful with that “magnetic control witch