Flashlight Host and Uncommon Budget Flashlights

It's an interesting light. Something like that would be ideal for a guy I know that has a biz inspecting and rating classic cars. He's got a few inspectors. Might want at least a lo-hi though. Doing close-up work, nice to set the output lower.

Little too pricey though. For that cost, we would need much better details. The spot size in the diagram doesn't seem to match that pic of looking down at a car - 225 cm diameter at 5 meters I would think would be a much larger spot at distance.


Good or bad? :neutral_face:

Same light, little cheaper here: AilExpress - EDC headlamp

Don't know if any good at this point. For that price, hard to believe it's quality regulated driver, quality anodizing, good threads, decent LED, etc. Other option is for a mod host, then it's a matter of easy access, and that weird charger setup may be a problem.

You’re probably right! Not the best option as a pseudo Olight-wannabe!
I guess it will be a bit messy to mod one of these (with my skills I mean). I’ll pass on it then :wink:
Thanks for your feedback Tom E, always helpful!! :+1:

bezels look pressed in as well. bummer

When you find that perfect, budget mod-ready headlamp let me know! I’m also in the market…

I just modded a Amutorch AL1 headlamp last night - 20 mm FET+1 driver, sliced 351D 4000K, Anduril2, 22 AWG wires.

Was a pretty easy mod. Bezel unthreaded easy, poked out the driver easily, decent access to the MCPCB. Kept the stock MCPCB - was about 20 mm diag but only 1.0 mm thick.

It's nothing fancy though - SMO reflector, no switch LED's. It says the tube is titanium but feels like SS because of it's weight. Little too heavy for a headlamp to me.

I wanted decent tint, decent throw, to use more like an EDC rather than headlamp.

Hum, headlamps sometimes are not easily modded due to the drivers/switches/chargers, but they are out there.

Getting one without charging capability would be my first point in case I wanted to mod one.
I have an Acebeam H20 in the drawer ready to be modded, once I order the driver. I will implement a driver with Anduril because I can make it fit in the flashlight. Otherwise, I’d just leave it the way it is :smiley:

To me for a budget head lamp, not much better than the Boruit style single or dual LED headlamps to mod. I modded a dual, use it like every day on the bench. Quadrupel has a custom driver PCB for it now.

I have the Boruit D10 style, single led, but I am not sure if I would be able to mod it.

Did it imply changing the charging ? Or just “change” the driver?

The Boruits make decent hosts if you don’t mind the custom-shaped driver. I did an MCU swap on mine and left the original driver board. I think I must have passed it along to someone else, I don’t have it anymore.

If $20 doesn’t break the bank, the Convoy H1 makes a nice host. Standard 20mm (?) driver board, e-switch with indictor on a separate board, LED on a replaceable 16mm MCPCB, no charging circuit to mess with, and the usual nice Convoy quality. I just sold mine to a buddy so I’m ordering a new one today. My first one just had an MCU swap. The driver is a decent 3 amp linear driver, but I might take this opportunity to do a whole new driver, we’ll see how well this new prototype works out.

Sounds like a great mod, and light! Very cool!

Did you flash Anduril to the MTN-20DDM? Or did you have to replace the attiny on it altogether?

I’m still unsure of the best way to remove/replace/alter tiny components on the driver. I have a KSGER T12, an electric skillet and very little skill.

I’ve destroyed two MTN-17DDM drivers this week trying to install 20AWG wire and then find the excess solder causing high-only behavior. :person_facepalming:

Thanks for the headlamp ideas!

Forgot what I did, but I see I wired in a ATtiny85, so chargin should be preserved. Thought it might have been a cheap direct wired up charger though, not sure:

Thanks again TomE :wink:
Always great mods :wink:

It only looks not bad, but for modding this headlamp host is pure crap.

charger board is separate ,just driver swap. Ordered boost driver PCBs it should be so f…. cool ;))
Convoy have 21mm driver it can be replaced with this one ;))

Dang, Convoy may be bout the only headlamp/rt. angle head EDC I don't have... I bought like 3 of the Eagle Eye ones when they were so cheap, offered in colors, and with 18650 adapters. I got a blue, black, and silver and only spent the time to mod one :FACEPALM:

Ohh no, I don't use MTN drivers. I reflow my own from OSHPark driver PCB's, usually DEL's but many others as well. I got a hot air system - works great to remove components, either all or singles, even small in tight spots. Forgot what it cost but I got it probably from eBay, pretty cheap, nothing fancy. You can get those all-in-ones with soldering iron and hot air, etc., but I have a good Haiko iron - wouldn't give it up for anything.

Do you have a source we can order the JKK90 SBT90.2 from? Looking for silver short tube if possible.

This would be one interesting little puppy to stick a 15W laser module inside… :laughing:

Just goggle foxpro predator light firefly.

Cylons, watch out!