Flashlight Host and Uncommon Budget Flashlights


That is an interesting thrower. If Jen Hing uses a regulated driver, i’d expect good thermal management.

Would it be using 3 x 18650?

Kaidomain has it but no in depth stats

Kaidomains listing is a 2 x 26650 model, and I would presume a buck driver as in series. link

Right but for 7000 lumens turbo on a 3V LED it must be an amazing buck driver, no?

Come to think of it, doesn’t the SBT 90.2 draw 20+ amps at 3 volts.
Quite an amazing driver inded.

Right. A 20A+ 2S buck driver would be unprecedented. JKK does decent drivers from what I understand but still a review or more info seems needed.

The one pictured above must be 1S so that adds even more questions

Maybe they have a special carrier within the tube that would make it 2P?

And as for Freemes picture, maybe he (or someone) exchanged the tube to a single battery, just to tease.

KD specs suggest 2S based on voltage. Freeme translate for us :slight_smile:

Yes, I missed that.

Well, that may be a first. Buck driver of over 20 amps.

I have the JKK03 and the driver is quite good in maintaining output. Just took it out and may look further in it.

Edit (@10:00 PM):

Tested the JKK03 and dropped from 941 to 805 lux in 6 minutes. ~15% difference and head at 57.6ºC. Very good regulation and if thermal step-down would have to be higher than 60º

JKK90 SBT90.2 with single 5000mAh 26650

Size: 72mm x 34mm x 165mm
Weight: 580g

Group 1: Lo > Med > High > Turbo (double click), triple click for strobe-SOS
Group 2: Ramping, double click for strobe-SOS

Triple clicks during OFF state to switch between Groups.


Level 1: 350lm 9hrs

Level 2: 900lm 2.5hrs

Level 3: 2800lm 45mins

Level 4: 6800lm 249Kcd; temperature control, stepdpwn 1.5-2.5mins (summer weather)

JKK90 SST40 WCS F50 with single 5000mAh 26650


Level 1: 200lm 12hrs

Level 2: 600lm 3.5hrs

Level 3: 1300lm 1hr

Level 4: 2800lm 202Kcd; temperature control, stepdpwn 5-10mins (summer weather)

JKK90 XHP70.2 version with dual 26650.

New trend for budget lights?


I’m trying to understand this; the JKK90 w/ SBT90.2 can be found in single cell format?

And the shown images on KD would be for the XHP70.2 2S models?

So where do I buy the single-celled light?

The worse part of those digital displays is when they show the "fake" lumens for levels. But the voltage and temp shown is pretty awesome. Showing moon, low, med, hi, turbo would be better. For ramping, a percentage would be cool.

Funny they are getting more popular on budget lights. Could be problems with water and reliability issues for main stream manufacturers.

Most likely they’ll just all get stuck with unusably bad UIs and we can’t mod them without losing the display.

New Jaxman Z3 “inspection flashlight”
Battery: 26650
Lens: Glass lens*2
Flux: about 500 lm
Switch: rotary tailcap

Link in the pic.

Fixed flood aspheric?

Any more info about it?