Flashlight Host and Uncommon Budget Flashlights

@luminarium iaculator — have you looked into the Trustfire Z9? Glass lens according to mfr, 1” body diameter, not sure about the anodized threads…. 12 dollars and change at Fasttech.
USB charging in the Ultrafire UF-Z9USB, otherwise the same.

The UF-V3 clearly stood model for the Sofirn, definitely no anodized threads though.

Hi Kikkoman,

Yes it looks interesting but I have concerns that lenses are acrylic/plastic and I can’t see weather it has anodized threads…

It looks fairly well…

I would like that kind of zoomie(or slightly larger) but with anodized threads, glass lens, 25.4mm body, without any gimmick charging ports if possible…

It is very hard to find such one. I’ve been through whole ali and other sites and I can’t find suitable hosts…

Do you mean that you want a low prcision lens?
Maybe a precise lens with dc-fix or a frosted/patterned one is what you need?

Hmmm… Yes… I just need classic glass lenses in small zoomie light(they usually are low precision ones?)…

But that idea of frozen patter from underside of lens or even better on top of the lens looks like a nice experiment. Small round “blur” or “smudge” on top of lens could do…

Guys. Please try the challenge… It is almost unbelievable how hard is to find this below:

“Zoomie(budget smaller one) but with anodized threads, glass lens, 25.4mm body, 1x18650 bat, without any gimmick charging ports if possible…”

I’ve found a handful that tick all the boxes but “anodized threads”.

There is a neat way of removing the anodizing, forget the name bit I have the stuff at home, its a common oven cleaner. Works surprising well at removing any anodizing it comes in contact with,right down to bare aluminium

It’s sodium hydroxide, lye, NaOH.

In the context of a laser talk I read your comment as “I want a great host with a bad (imprecise) lens”. I think that’s not what you meant…or is it?


I just wanted small zoomie with real glass lenses and glass lens are usually inferior to plastic lenses and they make blurry die projection in direct comparison to acrylic/plastic lenses wich have ultra clear die projection. I need glass one because I need blurry effect with VCSEL laser die…

So once again challenge for you guys:
“Zoomie(budget smaller one) with anodized threads, glass lens, 25.4mm body, 1×18650 bat, without any gimmick charging ports if possible…”

Been through hundreds of models only Sofirn SF30 is close to that but it has freaking 3xaaa body :rage: , and I need 25,4mm one :neutral_face:

Why not use a glass lens from Yajiamei in a host that otherwise fits? (Richfire SF-168, 20$, but plastic lens.)

Or on the cheap - 6$ , plastic lens :

Or, why not re-anodize those threads (it’s not that complicated)?

That TF-Z9, I’m pretty confident it has a glass lens and counting pixels tells me the tube is 25-26mm. But no anodized threads.

Hi Kikkoman,

That is real beauty! I ordered one… Everything here but glass lenses

So why not swapp plastic to glass lens?
I think it is turbo hard to find glass one that will work on place of plastic one… Yes it may fit but focal difference… I would not like any overfocus or defocus(black hole :slight_smile: ) issues. So finding that is also Sizifus job :slight_smile:

I was able to find all kind of stuff and flashlights but I can’t believe that I can’t find the one I need with mentioned criteria:
Zoomie(budget smaller one) but with anodized threads, glass lens, 25.4mm body, 1×18650 bat, without any gimmick charging ports if possible…

Haven’t seen this one by Jin Heng mentioned here:

SST20 or SST40, 21700, Type C USB charging, ~30USD:


/\ That looks like it might make a nice 21700 host.

This one looks super dope too:

Take a look at the specifications 7 amp CC, 3 volts out, luminus SST- 40.2

Where did you see 7A?

I don’t see anything.

Sorry wrong info, looking at too many items at once, link to a driver that is listed that way. Interesting low 3 volts out, Luminus SST-40.2. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/22mm-2-8V-4-2V-Input-7A-Constant-Current-Output-5-Mode-LED-Driver-Flashlight-Circuit/33003164774.html?spm=a2g0s.8937460.0.0.b7e52e0eMlzhNa

Oh it’s using dual FETs.

Probably CC at 3A, and direct drive at 7A.

I mean, at 7A in linear regulation, the regulator wouldn’t really survive.

I have purchased a couple of lights from this seller JKK70 Manta Ray C8.2 all pretty good in my opinion. But yes it is also listed a 15 watts, 7 amps x 3 volts = 21 watts. Who knows, really only one way to find out.
I am kinda new here and I have been wondering why someone has not attacked the voltage on these low voltage emitters this way. Limiting the output voltage and increasing the amperage.

Because it doesn’t work like that with LEDs.

To increase the amperage going to the LED, you need to up the voltage to the LED by a bit.

Be careful though. Up the current too much(even if the LED can handle it), but gets too hot, and you might end up in a situation of a runaway with an LED, in which it kills itself.
Isn’t an issue with regulated drivers, but can be an issue with FET drivers.

Also, 15W for the SST-40 draws 4,6A at 3,27V.