Flashlight Host and Uncommon Budget Flashlights

Thanks for the info.

Those look sharp. Too bad that switch retaining ring appears to be pressed in. I’m curious is the charging circuit is on the same board as the main driver components or a separate one.

I might have to try one. If it’s halfway decent, it would tick all the boxes for a friend I’ve been meaning to get a flashlight for…

Man that Jin Heng flashlight looks great and has everything I was looking for in a host. However, the press 2sec to turn-off is what turns me away

Have anyone found a 18650 big reflector thrower as Supwildfire was? I was searching around Ali and nothing interesting there. I would make a mod with Osram white flat or SST40 dedomed version from Kaidomain.

So today I got the “”upgraded” Revtronic F30B”:https://www.banggood.com/Revtronic-Upgraded-F30B-2-T6-800-Lumens-4Modes-Hidden-USB-Rechargeable-Portable-LED-Flashlight-p-1337893.html?rmmds=search&cur_warehouse=CN in the mail, the one with USB charging in the tail.
What do you know, it’s another tailcap driver light…. but with a reverse clicky. :open_mouth: :confounded: It seems I’m a magnet for weird drivers, huh.

All that’s in the head is two resistors and a diode, antiparallel to the LED. (The diode is necessary for the TC charger.)

This is the tail driver:

Just a reverse clicky on the other side.

I don’t know what to make of this. It’s a nicely constructed light (paid 13€ for it), beefy body, 5.5mm thick LED shelf, the TC charger is nice & clean & watertight, - but the driver is an overengineered solution to a non-existent problem. And it’s not good at what it does.
The TC charger could be done with a standard driver, all it needs is that extra diode.
(Oh and there’s plenty of space in the head, it can fit a 22mm driver.)

Another one for the ‘project’ bin….
Any good suggestions ? Biscotti?

Sounds a lot like the 4×AAA LuxPro I got. Just a contact board in the head, 2 sm chip-resistors acting as a ballast, and the driver in the tailcap. Hell if I can get it apart, though. Got real ring-pullers, not just pointy tweezers, and I’m cranking it cw and ccw and it ain’t budging. No visible threads to see if it’s got rh/lh threads.

Really nice feather-touch switch, though, so while I suspect it wouldn’t function long as a power-switch, even with puny AAAs.

Should fit a Li cell nicely if I ever do get the tailcap apart, though.

Nitenumen TK27

Not that budget but I just stumbled upon this Titanium 18650:


Too bad it has that UI :frowning: Seems quite pleasant to the eyes, though :wink:

At that price, it's probably worth the risk to try and mod. Certainly would immediately swap the LED if nothing else, I'd expect a LatticeBright. The only thing giving me pause is the built-in charging, but I'd honestly be fine with losing that if it came down to it. Or maybe I'd just finally take the opportunity to do a charger myself.

Yup, the USB is the probably the thing that would hold me back, due to the lights architecture in that place. I never modded a light with USB charging. Still, if a driver could fit in the place with no further modifications, this is a pretty light to add the collection!

And for sure, the LED would need a replacement!!

I found a new brand (i guess so). All looks nice and modfriendly. And there are many options to choose from.
26650, xhp35 hi with smo reflector or xhp50 with op.

18650, sst20 or xm-l2

21700, xm-l2, sst40, xp-l hi, xhp35 hi

And this looks familiar

March flashlight has existed for about 3yrs now. Their lights are pretty affordable like Convoy.

I wasn’t here 3 years ago…

KLARUS HC3 is a rebrand model SUNREX H100 (2018)

Me neither :wink:

But i found out kaidomain does sell the same lights and hosts
It seems one light was original a Roche F8

KD sells the 26650 host here

F8 host

As well as the other host

Trustfire TR-A10 is an old host that got and update recently:
Now it features USB ports for internal USB powerbank:


The TR-A10 is a very interesting light with the power bank feature. I would buy it if they had a 21700 version. 26650 is just not pocketable enough.

Supfire D15

X60-T 26650 Zommie