Flashlight Host and Uncommon Budget Flashlights

Nightwatch NSX3 with triple 50.2, 40.2 or sst20.

Freeme for group buy? :smiley:



Yummy. Very appetizing.
Recently I found other interesting triple from WildTrail, here

Don' think i have the time for it, but I believe Neal will provide me with a deal later.

Since Enogear website is gone and several people have been asking about the famous Enogear Stainless Steel AA, there is now a similar one from Amutorch. I’m not sure if it is easily modable like the Enogear AA. I modded several of the Enogear AA and AAA with Optisolis and E21A, which were some of the easiest mods I’ve done.

Doesn’t look as good as the Enogear but close enough.

A picture stolen on reddit : amutorch and enogear.
Yes the enogear AA looks much better IMO.

Today I saw that AA/18650 interesting zoomie from NICRON:

Nicron AA

IMO it’s the opposite. :slight_smile:

I’m with Agro. The Enogear has a more aggressive design. I like the subdued looks of the Amutorch. Just what I need… another one for the wishlist. :person_facepalming:

I reviewed it some time ago (it was my first review actually), it is not completely new/now!
It is a good looking light, but I think the one from Enogear was more appealing.
The Amutorch S3 comes with XPG3, has 3 modes, has whining with Li-Ion cells on Low and Medium, has a thin aluminum pill, narrow TIR optic!

Here are the review threads:
"Review": Amutorch Stainless Steel XPG3-S3 AA flashlight [Modded TIR Lenses]
Comparison: Stainless Steel AA Flashlight – Amutorch XPG3-S3 vs “Neal’s” Nichia 219C (comparison with the same light with Nichia 219C sent by Neal)

Here it is alongside with other AA lights:

You did a wonderful job with the review. I like how you took it apart and posted measurements. Looks like it will be just as easy to mod as the Enogear. Also your pebble optic mod will make this work well with artifact or tint shift prone emitters like the LH351D and Optisolis.

I bought one of these from Neal last year, (or was it two years ago?)
he offers it with 4000K 219C

Found it;

It cost me $14,5 including shipping at that time

Would be nice with CRI90 Luxeon MZ, OP reflector and TA driver…
Easy 1500+ CRI90 lm. :slight_smile:
Very quickly overheating though. :frowning:
Would pull at least 8A…

Hey this is my photo, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

My opinion on the lights is that the bottom one is made significantly better, and is a much higher quality flashlight.

Except for the crappy threads which connect the head to the tube

Saw this a few days ago...

Niiice. I wonder if it can export the charts (or rather the data behind them). :slight_smile:

Probably too cheap Jet-u clone:

No info on UI: Keshun S04 10180 light that M4X has coupon for. Not quite enough info for me to bite. Also looks pretty long in length.

Forgot to answer before, sorry :zipper_mouth_face:

Thanks for your words! This light is indeed easy to mod, both the LED and the driver, however you need to take into account that the driver must be one-sided or at least well protected on the contact side.
Also, the thin aluminum pill and the SS body make it more prone to heat fast with Li-Ion cells.

The pebbled TIR lenses are indeed great, they prevent the tint shifts of leds, such as the original XP-G3! So it is indeed a nice addition! If you get a driver such as the ones from the more recent Reylights, it can be a nice host as a SS light!

In my picture you can see another Stainless Steel light, the Nitefox ES10K. That is similar to a Thrunite flashlight (apart from the head, although there is a larger one as shown here: http://www.nite-fox.com/ShowProducts.asp?ID=24).

That is a beast of a host! Thicker and resistant, bigger than the Amutorch and the Enogear ones but also very elegant (IMO)! The driber is the only thing that needs to be changed on that! Other than that, it works great :wink:

Nice find icpart! Old school light without redundant charging port parts, anodized threads, 18650 light but one can also use 1xAA or 14500 if needed.

Short head walk means that it has plastic lens but it is very good find indeed :beer: .