Flashlight LFPAK56 MOSFET Arrow price bug <1 Cent with tax even if you order only a single piece

I was looking for a new project again on MOSFETs and I stumbled across a price bug

If someone is interested still 80 to grab

I could not resist, for the price I often pay for 1% SMD 0603 resistors
I bought 2500 that have also nice specs for flashlight use

Even including VAT I am at below 1 cent per piece → don’t think just grab it

Compared to the SIR800
the specs look good enough for flashlight use, the gate resistance looks better than on SIR800, the total resistance fully conducting is a bit worse

For linear FET it will be perfect as there is no fast switching or other stuff needed,
so high input capacitance which is bad for switching at like 1MHz is in linear flashlight use totally irrelevant

That’s a good find Lexel, thanks for sharing. I would grab the other 80 left if I could make a $50+ order. The 80 would cost $0.65 but the shipping and handling is killing the deal.
These look to be a close out item as the description says “Part Status - Obsolete”. There unloading them off their inventory, probably since tax season is about to hit.
If someone has a order they’re fixing to place add these to your cart for pennys.

Even for a normal decent SOT323 MOSFET you pay 6-8 cents if order 100 or more

and most MOSFETs I have looked at closely in the past start at like 3V to conduct, 2-2.5V is better, then they have really nice low resistance when you draw massive Turbo currents and voltage sags to like 3.4V,
because heat conduction on driver PCB is not good

All gone now, just got home and was going to order 20 or so…

You could still order 2500 pieces for 18.5$. :wink:

If you quote for 2500 they will discover the price bug and set new retail price
On the other hand its likely they can’t even get any more

Well, I wouldn’t even know what to do with 2500 Mosfets. So this price was not intended to be that low? I hope this would happen with some leds as well. :money_mouth_face:

Arrived a lifetime supply of decent FETs

What is a good mosfet to use for high current flashlight?

Vishay SIR404
Infineon BSC009NE2LS5ATMA1

any that has a low gate threshold voltage and low Rdson and low gate charge