Flashlight Lovers Anonymous

Any other FLA's "Flashlight Lovers Anonymous” –my wife wants to know if we have a forum her and similar wives to talk about staying sane and in budget over their husbands compulsive disorder (flashlight fetish) IE: DWFLF The Disgruntled Wives of Flashlight Lovers Forums” –even though she is the love of my life she wonders sometimes… and I can only buy her so many “gifts” for Christmas, Anniversaries and birthdays you know!

I bought 7 lights this week!

Sure am glad we use pseudonyms here!


I'm glad I live alone. Sorta, kinda

There's just me and the Assistant. And she doesn't care what I buy as long as there's food in her bowl every night.

It really helps when your significant other is a Giant Schnauzer.

I think having the wives talk would be a really bad idea. They would catch on to our secret delivery techniques that I am not at will to post in case they are watching.

Wifey forums are a bad thing!... Teach her to shoot a gun and when she gets to be a better/faster shot than you do, your flashlight addiction should slack off.Wink


I'm going to have to start callin you Old Dog. That's a good lookin girl there. Dogs are man's best friend without a doubt!


told my wife what you said...

"she doesn't care what I buy as long as there's food in her bowl every night".

Got any room in that dog house...

Bad idea. Have you taken your wife shooting? I am on my second one(wife) and I have been shooting since I was 10, I'm 43 now and by no means a bad shot, both women first time with a pistol ace shots. It's a known fact that women have better hand eye coordination then men so unless you want to be seriously embarrassed don't take them shooting, unless no ones around of course.

Yeah . . . I am completely infatuated with my wife but wives on this forum is a very bad idea . . .

(thinking about it some more)

. . . yeah - definitely a bad idea.


Have fun at my wife's expence...

...she has a big flashlight to beat me with later...

Bad Idea. Can only lead to problems.

W ashing

I roning

F ood

E ntertainment

They are too busy to be on forums.

What about a wives forum about all the dangers that exist at night or dark places? You know, zombies, cockroaches, crocodiles, ufos, dark angels from hell and all the other creatures that are terrified by their husband's solarforces...