Flashlight organization, where do you keep your torches?

Keep them in the refrigerator… Fresh, ready to use delicious flashlights :smiley:

Most of them are in my desk drawers. Others are in the bedroom, kids bedroom, kitchen, on my keys.... I keep forgetting putting 1 in my car.... which must be a USB rechargeable light... for emergencies.

Scattered around where needed, but as I have multiples of ones I like or were bought on sale (like lots of Convoy S2), those got wrapped in 3 layers of heavy duty foil and put into the stainless steel tool box my wife bought waiting for the next CME or EMP.

Well, since freedom day about 4 months back I can keep them anywhere in the house I want. :smiley:

1 by the front door.
2 next to the slider in the back. Back yard buts against forest land. so a flooder and a thrower. :stuck_out_tongue:
3 in the garage, one hanging by the mandoor.
3 in the car, because reasons.
2 on the nightstand.
a few in the kid’s room because she likes one to flood the rooms with light the other is to bop them on the head before she stuffs them in the freezer.
a couple in the safe because inside a safe is dark.
One on the bump in the night stick.
My office? Yeah … Lets just say there are a few in there too.

This is not including the one in my satchel or my EDC.

If I remember correctly OL or one of the OG’s had curios cabinets with 2-4 shelves full of lights.

Less is more in storage. If you buy a pelican case or build a cabinet, you again lose space. Just putting each in a sandwich bag and stacking them in a box in the closet takes the least space. But honestly, my recommendation would be to sell all but your favorites. Then you GAIN space.

For more flashlights….

Here’s how I’m storing the small ones……haven’t yet bought the big ones>
Make-up case