Flashlight organization, where do you keep your torches?

I have my torches scattered all over the house, in my packs, safe, cars and who else knows where lol. I am thinking of fabricating a shelf system to house my lights with doors and glass windows and of course soft led lighting. I guess I should call it a wall hanging display cabinet. Nothing fancy just knotty pine stained and led strip lighting for the inside tops. I guess I am getting tired of hunting for them all the time. :person_facepalming:

Mine are all around the house, the studio, workshop, car and the rest are on shelves in my bedroom.

Two in my car, one in my BOB, one next to my bed, and the rest carefully stashed in drawers in my man-cave.

I’m dreaming of a flat files cabinet since I have mostly small lights (and several pocket calculators) to store. Unfortunately those belong to office furniture and are quite expensive.

all of my lights are in their original packaging. except the Convoy S2+ I am using the flashlight on my key ring.

I too need a storage solution, I have mine neatly packed In 2 draws which used to be fine but now I have 25+ torches, all the batteries to go with them and charger, 5 knives which are growing in numbers, and also all the accessories that go with like paracord for lanyards etc.

Nothing is easy to get to now, I need some kind of unit or cabinet. Send help lol

I have a BLF A6 in every room for emergencies, on my desk a LEP cause why not and a headlamp and the majority of my lights rest in a drawer I got from ikea.

Pelican cases are a good option too.

Hobby shops sell unfinished pine boxes for a few bucks. Some are quite ornate.
Edit: I only have a modest collection. I keep mine loaded but locked out ready to go. Every night I take a different couple of lights outside and take a walk. This way they all actually get some use rather than just sit in boxes. This has the added benefit of satisfying my urge for something new and refreshes my memory of the different UIs.

My lights on rotation are all on top of the computer desk in my bedroom. Two currently unused ones (both Thrunites, one TN12 2014 and one Ti3) are inside my accessories & parts bin.

I just bought the cheaper version of a Pelican from Harbor Freight. Apache 3800. It also has the pick and pluck foam to allow for customization.

I have no system.

A few that I like the most are in Meija waterproof case (“like” Pelican but less $:money_mouth_face:.

Most are on a shelf in the closet or hanging by wrist lanyard in same closet. Most of the AAA and AA lights are near my bedstand.

Zanflare F2 hangs by back door but is rarely used.

MecArmy X2S clipped to my work backpack.

Oh yeah, and SP70 in my sock drawer. No good reason why.

Testament to no system (and general bad memory) - I am missing Eagletac D25C Ti. Where the heck did I leave that thing?

All my box-queens are just that, in their original boxes and stored in bigger “banker boxes” and the like.

Everything else I have near me on my table… 8 lights and 2 “lanterns”.

Other somewhat lesser-used lights I have in sling-bags, ready for when I’d need ’em (Cometa, WK30, UV-S2+., etc.), but I keep them protected.

Sorted in nice boxes, somewhat in chronological order, and on bookshelf (bedroom). The working units dispersed about the house, workshops, tool chests and pouches.

I have a system.

We finally hit critical mass with about six lights around the house in areas where they are now expected to be always (and charged always… wife keeps me reminded of course) :stuck_out_tongue:

Humph… this used to be my “geek” habit, then I started RELYING on all these lights and so having them in a “spot” where they should be is the new norm this year (especially with Covid with more time around the house for us both).

But the “expanded” selection has a nice oak shelf with books to the back and a row of lights (Queens) across part of the 3 ft. wide front- they tuck in nicely with a few inches of shelf space in front. Then there is a desk drawer for the boxed lights I never use, but gift often.

The hunting bag has two for the rifle always ready to go too. Couple in cars too… but the back door gets the most use after dark. That is my “rotation” spot between newer lights that come in… and the C8F that holds a permanent spot there with weekly guest visitor lights next to it for a week or two (currently an IF25a) THUMBS-UP:

The surprise addition this year also was the pair of LT1 lanterns that live on each nightstand at all times now. Started out that they’d be used until when I am hunting… but I have been informed that I should buy another LT1 as my wife doesn’t think she’ll be letting her’s go on long winter nights (when she’s in bed with two cats and a dog and I am freezing in a tent somewhere) :confounded:

I’m at a point of disrespect that the older lights I have are all piled up in one drawer.
Don’t shake em! Or I’ll scratch my lights haha

But the useful ones are always within reach especially on my PC table. Others are hanging everywhere around my house

I have a couple small wall-mount shelves inside the door of my bedroom that keep a lot of the current active lights. Otherwise there’s a few scattered here and there, and four on my nightstand…

The shelves by the bedroom door served as a nice loading space after I got dressed for work, I’d pause there and pick what I was going to carry that day.

First of all, weren’t not an organization. Secondly its none of your business.

I don't keep any torches in my kitchen: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/72875

I keep them on my hip, in my safe, in the car, on my coffee table that replaced my nightstand, because it was too small for my flashlights, in my tool box, in the bathroom, in the office, everywhere but in the kitchen.