Flashlight Season

Here in the Northeastern US we (begrudgingly) follow the arcane daylight savings time, soon our clocks will “spring” ahead providing more daylight hours.
Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the spring, summer— all four seasons in fact.
It’s just that fall and winter have more flashlight hours.
How will / do you use your flashlights during the next season? Camping, hiking, cycling (safety flashers) are on my list.

Stay out later into the night. Around here during the summer the sun won’t go fully down to around 7:30-8 pm. I’ll work until about 6 or so occasionally later then take my daughters to the park a couple nights a week or so. And the parks around here arnt lit well the city doesn’t change the lights out. So I make a cirle of lights and light it up. Other night went to a new park to us much larger. Took 15 lights and over 30 cells that night. Took 2 days to recharge the cells. Were there is a will there is a way to use your flashlights

Walking the dog at 6 AM ,which will really be 5 AM…. :rage:

yes we have that DLS crap here too what a farce

As much as I do like flashlights, I love the sun much more. It's like the real sky ray king, nuclear powered and all. Get rid of standard time and keep daylight. Either way, business will figure out when they want to set their hours so it doesn't matter really.

Means I get to carry my lightweight 14500 EDC vs. the larger 18650-sized EDC again… During winter, I carry the larger light for the extra brightness/runtime as it does get used more.

I really do wish we could eliminate the DST as it doesn’t help, and just confuses my internal sleep schedule. I really dislike having to wake up an extra hour earlier in the morning, but this year, I really do need the extra light in the evening… Last fall, I purchased a home (as a bit of a fixer-upper… :zipper_mouth_face: ) and have a lot of work that need to be done, both outside and inside. Haven’t been able to do much since then due to weather and the fact that by the time I get home from work and eat some supper, it’s been completely dark outside…

This ^ :+1: :+1: :beer: :beer:

And this is one reason to enjoy the southern hemisphere: DST is done and gone from my life until next October! ^:-)

I know this autumn, I’m gonna use more and newer lights to illuminate the inside of my house, old and new alike when the time comes. Maybe even explore the apartment’s common grounds in a night of blissful post-university insomnia, listening to the crickets and passing cars on the city exit nearby…

Damn, i forgot, i just finished resetting all my clocks from the last time :person_facepalming: