Flashlight User Interface Cheatsheets

I’ve just checked image for LD-4, it does not work for now.

Otherwise, very useful thread, thanks for maintaining it :wink:

Thanks. Shows up for me on phone & PC. I get reports of missing images sometimes, maybe imgur playing up?

NarsilM Q8 v1.0

I can scan it if someone wants.

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So why quote it and give it traction? Just hit the Spam button and let SB ixnay it… if you edit your post and delete the quote it will be gone for good. :wink:

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Thanks CRX, I've bookmarked this fine reference.

Look closer. I modified the links so they don’t work. :wink: I never give traction to junk links.

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If your post was just “pulling my leg”, sorry, I don’t always get sarcasm, etc…

I took a shot at dropping in on Simon’s store, hoping it’s still in operation. .

I guess it is fair to say, there is hurdle between my location and Simo ‘s store. If I made a graphic showing what the hurdle looks like, you would see a picture that points to the fact, I have no idea where to find his store or who Simon of Flashlights is. Back in October of’ 17, word on the street was he was offering S2+ with the Biscotti interface loaded already, before Bangood.

If you have a url for Simon’s store, and posted it hear, I would owe you even more than I do already.

Came across couple of firmware name at aliexpress, i wonder where i can learn about firmwares. I found it right here. Thanks Crx, great thread. :+1:

While this thread is on top again thought I’d just say thanks CRX for taking the time to gather all the BLF cheatsheets in one place, very helpful thread. :wink:

Thanks guys :+1:

Keep coming back just to check what exactly i f&@“ up… LOL
Many thx CRX for this thread and everyone who’s sending updates

A little OT, im sorry, but what is the Firmware for driver with 2 channel output, 1 for main led, and 1 for aux led, clicky switch, thank you very much

Thank you CRX. I use your cheat sheets almost daily. Saves a lot of frustration.

There could be many. What light is it or what driver specifically?

it’s convoy s2+ with biscotti driver, triple leds, and i’m planning but an AUX led under TIR lens

since the driver is 1 channel , i can hook a wire from MCU to aux led

I’m not really understanding you. Are you saying you have Biscotti now, but want to flash a different UI, but you don’t know the name of the new UI?

I’m not familiar either. You might try asking Toykeeper since she wrote Biscotti.

Your sure such a UI exists?