flashlight with battery 21700

Good day … a couple of weeks ago I joined the forum, and I already obsessed with lanterns.
A C8 + convoy with a battery purchased from Simón Mao and a Lii 202 charger are on the way.
I annoyed you on this occasion to ask for a recommendation for flashlights with 21700 batteries for greater runtime.
Budget: U$D 30 or less.
Use: EDC with balance between flood and pitcher. Possibly you have it at home for some power cut, and take it in the car for a breakdown.

I was watching the S21A convoy. Convoy S21A … 6d6c6VqDWZ

Any other recommendation?

PD: I’m from Argentina, the purchase of the C8 + is my first purchase abroad. I hope I have no problems with deliveries. So the idea is to wait for it to arrive and then order the other flashlight with 21700 batteries, which is what I’ve been reading so hard.

Thank you.

automatic translation. Sorry…

Sofirn C8F is a great light to use 21700 battery. Should cost under 30$ on banggood.

also welcome aboard to all flashlight maniacs :smiley:

I haven’t had mine long enough to form a deep opinion yet, but the C8F is nice.

It is within my considerations, but it is similar to the c8 + convoy. I would prefer a smaller flashlight for use inside the house, less pitcher.

Get a Morpilot combo multitool and zoomie. The tool is pretty sturdy and handy, and the zoomie is probably the best-built (as in solid) small zoomie I’ve ever seen. A Cometa or Z1 would be nicer, but the former doesn’t exist anymore and the latter is more than you want to spend.

Anyway, the Morpilot zoomie takes 3×AAA in a holder, but a 21700 just drops right in. I leave mine on flood all the time, and it’s a nice smooth blanket of light which is perfect for indoors, lighting up the path in front of you, etc. And you still have the option to zoom it and see what’s making noise way out far.

Not very moddable, though, as it’s glued shut, but for an around-the-house light, it’s just about perfect, and the 21700 lasts a long time.

Hmm, just looked, the one I ordered isn’t available, but Amazon.com looks about the same. For 15bux…

Does it have to be a 21700 light? If you want good runtime, a 26650 cell will typically have more capacity than a 21700 cell. Convoy S11 looks like a decent budget 26650 flashlight.


Is a flashlight that is interesting but it seems too heavy / big to carry in my pocket, I look for a smaller size … the convoy s2+ would be ideal … and as an alternative with more duration without increasing too much the size would be with 21700 battery…

So if a 2.1A S2+ is enough light, get a 3400mAH cell for maximum runtime. 2.8A should still be fine for a 3A cell, but 6 chips vs 8 will stretch it even more.

Have you seen the astrolux ec01?

Maybe you could join in on the group buy for 21700 fw3a ic you could wait a bit!

I’d vote for the Atrolux EC01, it’s a 21700 light which means it’s only slightly bigger than an 18650, but with the kind of punch of a 26650, lots of lumens and a decent amount of throw with an awesome interface and right on your budget, that’d be my suggestion too! :slight_smile:

How about Fireflies E01?

Convoy s12, triple led perfect for floodier beam…recomended shocklii 21700 4550mah 20a, kinda mini and compact, available for 4 different tint : 2700k, 4000k, 5000k, 6500k ofcourse all led are Sst20.

Since you want compactness and longevity, yeap… 21700

Convoy S21A
Convoy M21A
Convoy L21A
You can also get empty hosts and roll your own :slight_smile:
Sofirn’s C8F and C8G are OKAY in my mind, but since I own a few C8F’s, I have grown to despise them as everyday lights to perch about the house… Maybe because they were so front heavy and didn’t fit right in the hand? I dunno
For Everyday Carry, I adore the S21A chassis, is even pretty good with the XHP50.2 6V

Hmm, Astrolux EC01 over this for the interface alone though, surely?

Sounds like you are not only after long runtime, but also compact.
You will never find the ideal light that does everything but a good first step is deciding is:
a] How much output/lumen?
b] Runtime at that output?
c] Size?

For example for walking around in your house an AA or even an AAA is enough (Lumintop Tool)
Carrying a spare battery for longer runtime can be an option.

Finally, don’t just look at the cost of the flashlight but also the cost of the cells. You need both, so you need to figure that in your budget in my opinion.
All sorts of batteries are for sale all over internet, but can not be shipped to all countries.
Point being, suppose you find the ideal 21700 flashlight but can’t buy 21700 cells at a decend price; but you can buy 18650’s in Argentinia without a problem, then a 18650 flashlight might be a better option for you.

My personal favorite is DQG Tiny 26650. But that’s bigger than you like and double your budget

Buy the cell alongside the flashlight if possible, I think Simon can ship one battery inside the flashlight even if it is not an explicit bundle. I doubt that good 18650s or 21700s are cheap in Argentina if the supply situation is anything like Uruguay’s. Airplane crews are allergic to loose lithium-ion batteries, so shipping them is quite expensive.

When I fly, which is freqently, I carry at least 8x 18650, a big powerbank and 2x26650.
About 50% of my flights customs do extra manual checks of my baggage. They never said something about the cells.
Not about anything fyi. I never carried anything even remotely illegal. Likely have one of the ‘most wanted’ looks :slight_smile:

But, I’ve never travelled to your country, so I’m not making any claims about that.

Anyway, I just wrote what wrote as things to consider. Not as a claim of absolute knowledge…far from :slight_smile:

Take the team 21700 novice Mezzol X8R-L