Flashlight with built-in diffuser? like Nitecore LR12

I am looking for 2in1 camping light - flashlight with integrated diffuser, like Nitecore LR12, but rechargeable.
Does something like that even exist?

Just get a flashlight with compatible diffuser, so you can add/remove the diffuser as required. I do this with Convoy S2+, BLF Q8, and Acebeam E70.

Thank you, I already have such solution, I just do not want to keep that extra piece so I am looking for something integrated. But it seems that nothing similar to LR12 exists so I will probably buy something like E05C.

I'm sure there are others, but off the top of my melon is this one from Nite-Ize https://www.niteize.com/product/3-in-1-LED-Mini-Flashlight.asp

Thank you, this is pretty much the system I am being looking for, unfortunately these flashlights have some quality issues but probably I will try, still thank you for sharing.

There are a few of the same style light from EagleTac (EagTac) like this one from their P-series. I wasn't really sure how well they would work as a lantern, but the 180° setting shown near the bottom of the page looks like it would function fine as a dual-personality flashlight. It's an option!? Plus EagleTac is top-tier manufacturer.

Pretty expensive but yeah, this is the style I meant, thank you!

There are a ton of cheapies like that on amazon and similar sites. Amazon has an entire category for it here:
“Non-referral amazon link to ”lantern flashlights”“:Amazon Best Sellers: Best Lantern Flashlights
Note that just because something sells well on amazon does not mean it’s worth buying, but the list can be handy.
”More here.“:https://www.amazon.com/s?k=rechargeable+lantern+flashlight&crid=13IFR3KQJDSAP&sprefix=rechargeable+lantern+flashlight%2Caps%2C236

They aren’t 360 but maybe look at the Lumintop E05C or E21C. The E21C comes with a diffuser for the front as well as having one built in on the side. Edit: I just read your previous comment referring to the E05C so it seems you are familiar already.

I bought a bunch of these: Non-referral amazon link and passed them out to my non-flashlight-ophile friends. A year later all of them still work (except for one which got thrown into a river), although the bezel is cheaply glued on and may need to be re-glued. But not a bad light for less than $10 each, and even has a high CRI mode.

It’s a DIY workaround but I added a cap from some random bottle to my D10 headlamp. works fine as a diffuser and works as a switch cover when throwing it in the bag. The stock UI is also not quite desirable but Quadrupel has better drivers on sale if you want to mod it.

That's a neat trick . I use a similar red cap on the bottom of a Sofirn Sf11

Speaking of DIY diffusers, I ordered some of these to experiment with: Super-thin silicone cupcake molds, amazon link
Multiple colors, they ship from within the US, and they withstand 400°+ F. If they’re too thick they can be sanded down, too thin and you can double them up.

Thanks! As much as I like the LT1 it really is too bulky and heavy for backpacking IMO. Tried to make do with this method and works well enough.