Flashlight with Red and White LED.

I’ve had a request from a freind who is looking for a LED flashlight for his daughter who is a dog handler in the armed forces. She needs a flashlight with both Red and White leds. The further throwing the better.
All responses welcome.

Does the red need to throw like the white?

Fenix TK25 Red

- Very intense red (320 Lumen)

- You also get a decent bit of throw

- Simple UI (twist the head to switch colors)

  • A bit pricy though (~ 100 $ )

I dont believe red will throw as well as white. I’ve modded lots of B158’s and the maximum current through the XPE is around 1.8 amps from djozz’s tests. Nightcore CR6 has red and white with the same size reflector for both leds.

What I mean is does the red need a reflector or is it an auxiliary flood light.

Sounds like both leds need a reflector.

I’ve got 73 flashlights with red and white LEDs in my database :slight_smile:

Here they are sorted by throw: red and white flashlights

Any budget or battery requirements to help narrow things down?

Thanks guys. That is one large database Parametrek.
Yes both need a reflector.

In that case you should have a look onto the Fenix TK25 Red. It uses the same reflector both for white (XP-G2) and red (XP-E2) leds. You only need to rotate the flashlight’s head to switch between red and white light. As far as I could learn from user experiences on the TLF and on some Youtube videos, the red light is extremely bright and there are only few flashlights that can compare to the TK25 Red’s high output of red light. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot to be found in terms of reviews here but you could check those of the TK25 Red&Blue which also has blue light but in return for less intensity of red light.

See also here:

Fenix TK41C

I had no idea there were so many choices, even different battery configurations.
Lots of homework to do.