Flashlight with very high lumens - minimum 300 lumens

Looking for a small size flashlight. Minimum 300 lumens, maximum length - 10cm, and high mode. I have $500.

Thanks ;-)

I hope to get help. Please help me finding a very bright falshlight. This mean very high lumens. Thanks in advance.

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A 10cm length restriction makes this harder as I don't know of an 18650 light of good output less than 10cm long.

You could get that output for a very short time from a Solarforce L2m in 16340 configuration with an XM-L dropin.

The Mr.Lite LT3 will (just) do this

The Mr.Lite J4 modded with an XM-L and the stock driver will also accomplish this - but not for very long.

The Ultrafire U20 will just about manage this.

And that's it from the 140 or so lights I own. And I'm not sure if the LT3 and J4 are under 100mm long or not. They probably aren't.


By specifying a 10cm length you are guaranteeing a very short runtime (10 minutes if you are lucky) and a light that is going to get hot enough to set your hands on fire. Not to mention the need to use exotic lithium cells that can handle such high discharge rates safely.

Practically this requires heat tolerant and high discharge rate cells, which means lithium iron phosphate or lithium manganese cells in 14500 or 16340 sizes. These aren't cheap or of high capacity. Which means very short usable times. The only lights I own that come close to meeting those criteria and can still run on ordinary lithium cobalt cells would be the Ultrafire U20 and the Trustfire R5-A3.

But both of those cost less than $30. I could easily devise a $500 device meeting those criteria but you'd be throwing money away unnecessarily.

Make the maximum length 15cm and things change a lot.

Still not necessary to spend even close to $500.

A single Cr123 host might make a good light for the OP.

maybe something like this?


zebralight sc60 http://www.zebralight.com/SC60-Flashlight-18650-300Lm-_p_38.html

N-light b2s http://www.cnqualitygoods.com/goods.php?id=1035

buy both and donate the $400. extra to charity

According to Manafont, the Mr.Lite LT3 is 9.65 cm long. According to Don's review it has excellent heat sinking, but it has a short run time on high. I don't own it, but this looks like a decent choice, especially if heat sinking is important.

I'm waiting for mine to come in from DX, I ordererd it about a month ago.

Seems like a real conversation piece in the collection.

Visit CPF, they will made you a custom flashlight from gold with diamonds for that price (sorry, couldn't resist :bigsmile: )

Meh. I'm betting CPF would use a titanium shell with sapphire lenses, all wrapped around the same budget XML emitters everyone + dog uses.

OR, he could just give me the money and I'll use it to buy enough tools to try to replicate Match's copper-pipe wonder. Then everybody wins!

Yeah, lol :bigsmile: Like that guy who bought x3 of same super pricey $400 light, in case one of them breaks :bigsmile:

Just go to MacsCustoms.com and buy whatever you want there. I would if I had $500 to blow on lights.

I'd get one of these for sure

3.4" and 700 lumens, and you still have $300 left over.

I used to spend some time in those custom builder threads and it always amazed me how so many people would line up to buy these lights. If you listed your Ti Haiku for sale over there for $350, it would likely be sold in 15 minutes. It's not a criticism at all; if I had it I would do it too. But in my small circle of existence, no one casually tosses $200 - $500 (or more) away on a flashlight. I guess it's the pure indulgence of it I find facinating. Can anything be more superfluous than a collection of identical or nearly identical torches that . . . uhh, wait a minute - that's what I do but on a much smaller scale. Maybe we're not so different after all.


Well said. +1

In my circle of existance anyone would love an excellent flashlight. But even if i would show that 200+ usd flashlight and offered it at 40usd there will be a lot of "meh" around. Good flashlights are not for everyone i guess those who do not appreciate them might as well donate for Japan and get the 9 led one along. If the find their smarphones lacking in lighting department.

This is a litlle bit longer than 10cm http://www.dealextreme.com/p/ultrafire-p10-r5-cree-xr-g-r5-5-mode-350-lumen-memory-led-flashlight-1-18650-42972 , and you can buy 31 of these for 500 dollar. (10+ = 16,02 dollar)

It is one of the smallest 18650 flashlights. It is possible to get more lumens out of a smaller flashlight, but then it will heat up very fast, and the battery will not last very long.

Let me know how that works. The only thing I can see to complain about the Z1 is that they put the clip 180 degrees opposite the lens. So when you have it clipped to your belt the lens is pointing straight out away from you. Seems like it would be an easier carry if it pointed forward or rearward , not straight out to the side.

I was thinking in terms of walking around with it clipped to my belt when not in use. I usually clip stuff at my side, not in the front.

This would be better than the Ultrafire at only $30 + shipping. It have a XM-L led.

Yezl Z1X CREE XM-L T6 1x18650 Flashlight

Both of these are longer than this guy asked for at under 4" long or 100mm.