Flashlights for sale. Updated July 26th.

July 26th update: Just a couple left.

Hi all,

I've got a lot of flashlights that are just collecting dust on the shelf so I'm thinning the flashlight collection (I'm keeping the dust!). :)

Singfire SF-555 Headlamp 2x 18650

$13 Shipped - Just the headlamp. I have the box it arrived in, but it will cost another ~$6 to ship the headlamp in the box due to its size.

Koolertron 1x XM-L Bicycle/Headlamp

$13 Shipped - Comes with the original box and various accessories shown in review.

I'll take $20 for the two headlamps shipped together.

All transactions through Paypal. US shipping address only please (Intl. shipping is just too expensive ).

Any questions feel free to post here or PM me.

The first "I’ll Take it" posted in this thread will be considered as sold, pending payment.


Add $12 Smallsun ZY-C10-S - Super pencil beam zoomie.

Add $6 Mini Jacob A60 - Bought this one a long time ago. An okay light for the price. Some scratches where the clip used to be.

Add $10 Fenix E01 (Gold)

Buy all 3 flashlights together in a bundle for $22 (Mini A60 & ZY-C10-S & Fenix E01).

Brinyte S68 3x XM-L, 2-3x 18650

$25 Shipped - Comes with original box, extender tube, and lanyard.

Fenix E40 XP-E2, 4x AA

$24 Shipped - Flashlight only.

Sold $24 Shipped SkyRay 3xT6 (3 XML, 1x/2x 18650) - Mint, great quality light for a great price. A little underdriven stock, integrated led shelf.

Sold Add $8 Ultrafire F-13

SOLD $20 Shipped New 117 (TK35 Clone) - Driver is fried, I planned to mod this one, but never got around to it. Great host for a great price.

SOLD $14 Shipped Uniquefire UF-V8 XM-L CW, 2x 18650, H-M-L-Strobe-SOS. It arrived a bit beat up, cosmetic damage to the edges of the cutouts on the tailcap and a bit to the edges of the flat cutout on the battery tube. You can see it in the picture above. Verified it worked then put it on the shelf.

Sold $25 Shipped Old-Lumens built Defiant 'Shower-head' Light. 3x XM-L NW. Comes with 4AA carrier (2S2P), 4x 14500 carrier (4P). Pulls about 7A on 4 efest IMR cells, around 2300 estimated lumens. I will include 4x Efest 700mAh v2 IMR 14500 matched cells for an additional $14 if you want them. The flashlight and cells have only been used for a single cycle.

Sold $20 Shipped XinTD X3 XM-L2 CW. It arrived a bit beat up, cosmetic damage to the tailcap (some scuffs). The switch is pretty sensitive. I have an unused 3AA carrier from GB I can include for an additional $4 if you want it.

Sold TrustFire TR-J18 7x XM-L, 2-3x 18650/26650

$40 Shipped - Comes with original box, holster, extender tube, 2x 18650 spacer, 1x 18650 spacer, and extra O-rings.

Sold Hugsby ML-8 1x XM-L2, 2x 18650

$25 Shipped - Flashlight only.

Sold Dipper BD01 1x XM-L2, 1x 26650/18650

$19 Shipped - Comes with original box and various accessories shown in review. Note that a small component on the board snapped off. This component is believed to be part of the charging circuitry. I would not recommend using the in-light charging feature. The flashlight itself still functions normally. I will include the small component in the box.

Sold 5x XM-L + Handle, 1-4x 18650

$25 Shipped - Comes with the original box. The Ultrafire 18650 cells are not included.

Sold TPOS D02

$30 Shipped - Comes with the original box and various accessories shown in review. Note the inconsistencies I mention in the review. Might make for a neat light to mess around with and experiment on. As-is!

Sold Singfire SF-327 1x XM-L, 1x 26650/18650

$20 Shipped - Flashlight and an 18650 spacer.

Sold SRK Clone (Kinfire) 4x XM-L2, 1-4x 18650

$25 Shipped - Flashlight only. Minor wear on driver positive contact ring.

Sold Lumintop BLF-SD10 NW

$35 Shipped - Comes with the original box, 4AA carrier, 18650 spacer, extra o-ring, lanyard, and adapter spring. Note that the design of the driver makes using the supplied 4AA carrier have a gap in the modes (No Moonlight). Functions fine using the other various battery options. [All BLF-SD10 have the same issue.]

Sold Sky Ray King 3x XM-L, 1-4x 18650 (Maybe a Clone?)

$30 Shipped - Comes with the original box, lanyard, and extra O-ring. Some small scratches on the switch retaining ring and contact plate of driver. Minor wear on driver positive contact ring.

Sold XPG + Handle

$15 Shipped - Comes with the original box.

ill take

XPG + Handle

Interested in the Hugsby ml8 if you ship to the UK?


Edit: found it with free shipping, sorry for time wasting :frowning:

Nice selection of lights for sale… this is has nothing to do with the new Meteor 43 right? :wink:
TR-J18 is one my favorite light and still to these day, with simple resistor mod and you can boost the lumens easily ( except for the eye blinding strobes mode :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’ll take the SRK 3X XM-L, I have to run out right now but I’ll PM tonight.

Thanks m8. The Meteor might have been a little motivation to post the sale. :)

I've updated OP up to post #4.

Were you ever able to get the head/bezel open on the ML-8?

I did not. I remember I was going to try a soak in hot water, but ultimately decided not to. iirc someone tried that on the head of an assembled light and really messed up their reflector. I think it’s a job for strap wrenches.

XPG + Handle and 3x XML SRK shipped out.

Added a pic to OP of the lineup.

What tint is the Lumintop BLF-SD10 ?

I’m fairly positive it’s NW, I’ll make sure later tonight.

Edit: Yep, definitely NW. Pretty good tint, no greenish hues that I can see.

I’ll take the Kinfire.

Bump up the Jam!

OP updated.

Edit: Dropped some prices. I’d like to ship a bunch out on Monday!

I’m waiting for the Lumintop to drop to $25 :bigsmile:

I’ll take the Trustfire TR-J18.

Pm me the PP info and I’ll get $$ headed your way.

Does the free shipping include tracking?


It does. I ship through priority mail USPS. Typically less than 3 days from handoff to delivery.

May arrive within a day based on your distance from me.

PM incoming.

I'll take the SingFire SF-327. Always like 26650 lights with an e-switch. The tailcap switch makes a nice lockout Smile. I'm thinking it has battery level LED's around the switch, judging by the extra wires out of the driver - didn't see it mentioned in your review. The LED shelf issue is a little problematic, but think I can work something out for it. The body and threads look fantastic for this price range.

I did mention the LED, I can't recall if it changes with battery level though. Anyway, Quite a nice little 26650 flashlight! Pm incoming.