Flashlights in the movie "Crawl"

Hi guys,
I just watched the movie “Crawl”. There were three lights in the movie that I can remember. What models do you think those are?

1) The daughter’s light: It was a hand-operated light (she has to spin it to use), yellow body, black bezel, pretty.

2) The dad’s light: I believe it’s a 90-degree light, good throw and spill in my opinion, appears to shine even better than the next one.

3) The officer’s light: typical throw light with long, thin body, big head.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Great, another movie I’m going to have to borrow…

LB this one’s still in the theatre. I’m hoping to drag my son to it this weekend.

“cam”. :smiling_imp:

@Lightbringer: In my opinion, it’s a decent scary movie. The jumscares are plenty, and well placed. Not too long as well, about 90 minutes, so your scare is pretty intensified. I was just curious about the lights, because I’ve been reading too much about them lol. But please share if you have any thoughts.

jf_smm: I hope you both enjoy it. And do share with us what you think about the movies and the identities of the lights.

Didn’t watch the whole movie, but the only light I got any halfway decent look at was the yellow one with black button. Doesn’t look remotely familiar to me, though.

Looks like this one ?

@Lightbringer: Did you enjoy the movie?

@Alcius: Yup, thanks. Do you know the other two?

Just flipped through it quickly, didn’t sit’n’watch yet. Maybe tonight…

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Crawl looks like my type of movie.

I'll watch it after it hits Blu-ray.

I really enjoy it, though I wish for a drastic plot twist at the end lol.

I liked it. [possible movie goof deleted as maybe a spoiler]

Especially liked the nod to “Jaws”. Quint gets eaten by a shark, Looter Chick gets eaten by a gator.

Didn’t really get a good glimpse at the other lights, though.

But see? If any of them had a Klarus, it wouldda saved their lives. Strobe those gators into submission…

LMAO that Klarus comment! Glad you like it.

For the dad’s light, I think we can have a look at the lanyard. There are a few letters on it which may be the brand. I tried to do it in the theater, but it was too fast.

One word:


I agree. I believe it is not a recent model (not a strobo-disco like the ones Lightbringer appreciates, anyway). I did not recognize it, maybe because he uses it only a few times and then loses it (sorry if I spoiled some part of the plot …).

Maybe a usual Mag : 3D ? I’m not an expert.

BTW I liked the movie. It’s almost as scary as the new AliExpress’ site.

Did you remember the letters on the lanyard? They may be the brand name.

The officer’s light looks closer to the Nitecore MH40GTR in my opinion, given their heatsink fins.

LOL on the remarks! Can’t tell if you’re joking, but it is a good one.