Flashlights that are great but you hate them

Yep, there’s been discussion on r/flashlight that the M2 isn’t waterproof at all. M1 is the only way to go, which is a bumer because the M2 looks much better IMO.

You are going to hate me for it, but I really hate(d) my BLF SE A6.
It was a total PITA from the day it came out of the box. DOA.

It finally came to life after a week or so of taking it apart and putting it back.
And then, once again, it stopped and the cycle of cleaning etc started again.
It was a light with a high WOW-factor for F&F, but without practical use.
I was a bit flabbergasted that so many of you use it as a bike light.
With me? The slightest bump and I was back to square one of taking it apart.

Things got even worse when I bought the short tube. But then I thought of something.
Apparently I had bought myself a “perfect” set of parts with non-matching tolerances.
And it can’t get rid of the heat with all those bad connections.
So the last time the led blew out, I was ready to recycle the light.
A waste of material, lying next to my beautiful matte black Convoy S2+ with Nichia UV led.

Then I saw the light. The Nichia only needs 700mA, so why use a long 18650 tube.
Once again I took my A6 apart, cleaning and this time sanding till all parts were perfect.
I said farewell to the long tube. And it got the led, driver and ZWB2 filter from the Convoy.
Finished it off with a nice titanium clip and a lighted tailcap.
So now I have a nice little 18350 UV light. That can take a blow and does not overheat.

My new pet-pee EDC, so to speak.

Nice one Henk/Wim !
i have to admit, i don’t even own a UV light, maybe should buy some parts

My FW3Ti.
It often disfunction after being disassembled and may take patience to bring it back to live :smiley:

That’s the way to do it! I’ve got “quite a few”.
They all started their lives with another led or as a host.

What’s wrong with the Convoy M2 and waterproof? Where is the leakage?

In the head. There’s absolutely no sealage on it, as I said – the o-ring goes between the lens and the reflector instead of between the lens and the bezel, so all it does is prevent the lens from rattling.

Add me to the list of S42 User Interface haters. Toykeepers Andruil has all but ruined me. :smiley: On the other hand, the mini USB recharging feature almost redeems it as you can gift them out, compact and powerful.

S42 - awkward UI. Changed to a Lexel driver with Narsil, kept the on board charging. My first mod, somewhat difficult but works great. Astrolux corrected the fault w/ s43 but I prefer the knurled option.

SF14 v2.0 was my dreaded light. Always turns on low mode - ok; turn off and back on goes to next level. Argh! Then occurred to me to use as a drawer light (you know, finding that odd thing lost in the miscellaneous pile of odds & ends). Great light as low is about 10 lumens.

Next was the SP10A; single press to turn on is very low (<2 lm) and long press to turn off. BUT, once driven into subconscious to long press from off, which starts at last mode, then the corresponding long press to turn off. My daily pocket light (got so cheap, if I’d lose it I wouldn’t make a fuss). I’m an urban guy, moonlight has no use for me. There’s enough reflected light from streetlights; I have low night lights about the apartment to get to the bathroom without stubbing my toe or walking into a door.

Now everybody rants and raves about Convoy. My S2+ has a non responsive switch, that I changed. Still the switching doesn’t always move to next level. So I had gotten an L2, with e switch. Long press to Off is way too long (>1 sec) and have to really press good (almost hard). There is a blue led at the switch, but it’s on one side (that annoys me) and stays on with the light. I’d rather have the led On when not in use, to find the switch in perfect blackness. Then turn off when the light is on - I don’t need the indicator.
Well, I’ll eventually change those naggins.

Any headlamp, any flooder, any multi-emitter “fatty” light. Any head-heavy light with poor ergonomics.

basically any flashlights beyond my budget :smiley:

Sofirn SP10S, so much potential for a great EDC that can use both AA and 14500, but terrible UI. Also 90 CRI LH351D in a medium-throwy orange peel reflector.

I just want Anduril, raised button ring and maybe an AUX LED in the button.

I guess the Sofirn C8A. Sofirn makes solid lights by all accounts and I still have a bunch of other ones from them, but this one was given away. Didn’t care for the smooth body and other C8’s are available with better hand feel, emitters, and UIs (for me).

Any that have a UI of more then low - medium - high - off

I think many of us want exactly this.

Sofirn IF25. The idea was brilliant. We could dynamicaly change color temperature for our needs. Fine finish. Embedded charger.

So we could be use it like excellent combination of backpack lantern, hand flashlight, home romantic light and everything with HiCri. And reasonable price of course. And good diffuser like EDC18 in complectation

But visible PWM, strange proprietary UI (not anduril), LowCRI cold leds (with Hicri warm), lack for complectation diffuser, non-informative button, only one mode on charge available makes this revolutionary flashlight simply cheap toy. I like it’s 2700K light, but can’t use it like candle (in candle mode). I like it size - but in turbo it makes hot in seconds. I like charger, but i d’t like only one mode when charged.

It’s a little bigger for EDC, lack of modes for home lantern, lack of Hicri (and awfull greenish of 5000k SST20) in all CT above 3500-4000K for photograf light, and lack of power for hand heavy duty light.

DBSAR is working on a BLF mini lantern. The IF25 is his starting light. I believe he’ll be incorporating Anduril and will address some of the issues you mentioned.

I know it, but there are a lot of questions there.
Firstly - if this diffuser cap would be removable. So, i am truly sure, that only backpack lantern in this form factor is very expensive for weight and size (carry, and if diffuser would be unremovable - i would avoid it.
Second - if cap would be removable and LH351D used for hicri light - before Sofirn inform that they d’t use such leds in IF25 because of ugly beamshot. If this was false, or in new lantern after cap remove we would have - ugly beamshot declared before?
And finally - price question still open. If they would sell it for something like 50USD, i think deal not worth it.

I don’t hate any of the lights in my collection really. I like to research and know what I’m buying beforehand.

If I had to pick the one that disappointed me the most it would probably be my Astrolux S41, and that’s probably just because it doesn’t feel quite as “hewn from granite” as Convoy’s lights. The output for the size is great, and I like the BLF A6 UI.

A friend of mine has the S42 though and the UI is really hideous. Completely hopeless. No idea how they came up with such an abomination.

DBSAR was extremely thorough with the LT1. I had nearly decided against buying one, when my wife got it for me for Christmas. But I really didn’t expect to use it nearly as often as I do. Toss a small S-biner on the hanger and suddenly it’s a super-useful work lamp. I had it shoved all kinds of places while I was doing home improvement projects. The darn thing never got hot - barely warm, to be honest - and went for hours.

So, as much as I lean towards pessimism, I think he’ll do it again. It doesn’t seem to me like he got lucky with the LT1, it seems like he tried until he got it right.