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Sofirn SC31 Pro = Anduril version 2020-03-18 (based on 15-clicks version check)

new batch Astrolux EC03 = Anduril version 2020-03-18 (based on 15-clicks version check)

So ... what did I miss? Any new flashlights to add?

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Noctigon K9.3, Astrolux EA01, new FireFlies lights with 2.0

Since I don't see any "Anduril 2" category on the initial post of this thread (list of lights classified by UI), I'm wondering: are there any lights currently sold with Anduril 2 already installed?

Lumintop FWAA.

Thanks BOO5TED.

Strangely it is not on lumintop.com, but I found it on lumintoplighting.com.

Two different websites for the same company ?

Apart from this one, no other lights (in particular the 18650 versions of the FW) ship with Anduril 2 yet?

Also the Fireflies E07X Pro is sold with Anduril 2 installed.

Don’t forget
abouthttps://www.lumintoponline.com/ . Not sure why they need three different sites for the same company but whatever.

AFAIK the FW3A (which would be my first choice) cannot easily be updated to Anduril 2.

What about the FWAA, any easily accessible pins for a future UI upgrade (Anduril 2.x, etc.)?

Hi All

I'll try to update the list the following weeks ...

It would make it much less difficult for me to maintain this list if the community could mention new Anduril (v1 & v2) flashlights once and a while …

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Subject to correction, some updates concerning Andúril 2 on upcoming Sofirn flashlights:

  • SP36 (Pro)
  • Q8 (Pro)
  • LT1 (next revision)
  • SP10S BLF Andúril
  • ...

The new JETBEAM EC26 seems to have Anduril, not sure 1 or 2

Interesting find.


The light seems to look like an EDC18, except it uses quad XPL-Hi (instead of the EDC18’s triple LED).

Product description does not mention “Anduril”, but the listed modes (including ‘storm’, ‘candle’, ‘beacon’, ‘sunset’, even ‘muggle’ mode) and usage operation (how to factory reset), matches that of Anduril.

Must be Jetbeam’s first Anduril-based flashlight, if it really does use Anduril.

freeme's group buy thread on the EC26: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/66621. Didn't know JETBeam was into cloning...

Jetbeam EC26 comes with Anduril 1, firmware version 2020-03-18

Lumintop FWAA comes with Anduril 2, firmware version 2020-09-27, model code ‘312’

spotted a new Lumintop HL3A that now comes with Anduril 2, firmware version 2021-01-25, model code ‘322’

I just found out that Wurkkos’s TS30S and TS21 run Anduril. Any other Wurkkos lights using Anduril?

I believe those are the only Wurkkos models for now. TS21 is a new Wurkkos model.

Many Wurkkos lights are “diving” lights, not that suitable to use Anduril (eg. DL70, DL40, DL30, WK20, WK20S, DL07, DL10R)

The others are somewhat special multi-LED lights (eg. WK30 and HD20)

The other Wurkkos lights are smaller AAA lights (WK01, WK02).

They probably could have used Anduril on the TS30, but guess they decided to use their own proprietary firmware for this model.

Yeah I didn’t even know they were putting it in their lights, seems a recent thing. That’s fun :smiling_face:

A thread with lights with the Anduril 2 Firmware:

Cross threading for mutual updates

So as of 5/09/2024, we have (in no particular order): ts10, ts30s pro, ts25 (just discontinued), ts21 (just discontinued), ts26 (about to be released soon), fc13, and the ts11