▶ Flashlights with BLF User Interfaces - Master List ◀

BLF Q8 is Thorfire

When it comes to Convoy you may link to their official Ali store:

Hi acab, you probably mean The BLF Special Edition Lights - Master List?
I couldn't find the proper information for FT02 firmware either, so I strikethrough on the list.
As for the S42 and BLF A6, I have them both @ home and will check there UI's later on the evening ...


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Thank you Agro, I've updated the list ...


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@ SamHaLeKe

Nice List, thank you. :beer:

Thank you teacher. I’ve also added the upcoming LuckySun BLF-D80 v2 with Bistro and I’m confident many more FL with BLF DNA will follow in the near future :FACEPALM:


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Added a link to here from my Flashlight User Interface Cheatsheets Thread.


BTW, the S42 lights doesn’t use any version of a BLF UI.

The upcoming Astrolux MF-01s (and 01 mini ?) will be using Andril.

Nice list! Thank you for putting it up together :+1:

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I noticed that, updated :BEER:

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Nice to know this thread :+1:
Tq for the completed list…

I’ve heard from Simon convoy’s thread, he had been mention “crescendo” in his future light design…

Very useful list :+1:

Emisar D4 now has Anduril or RampOS.

Sofirn Q8 has NarsilM 1.0.

Thanks, good choice from Simon :BEER:

Thank you, I've missed out that one. List is updated :BEER:

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OP Updated: changes to the table layout and also one can click on links and go directly to:

  • Brands Main Page
  • Flashlights/Buy Page
  • UI Cheat Sheets Image
  • Creators Patreon Page
  • Maintained Firmwares Trunk

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Great info. :smiley:

Though I wish there is some more user input to make it more comprehensive ...


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I think the very fluid nature and the many revisions of each light make it interesting but also difficult to collect input.
For example, unless I flashed the firmware myself, I would have no idea which version is on each flashlight. A user could check all the lights and write down features or compare them to a U/I sheet…

Hi acab! Thank you for your input!

As one can see, I don't believe it's difficult to collect all the flashlights containing BLF members firmware (and I will do my best to keep maintaining it). Pointing to their many revisions is indeed another thing as you say it, but that’s not the main purpose of this thread. It’s all about listing ALL the flashlights containing BLF firmwares @ one easy to reach place and for easy reference. I just want to make this list as comprehensive as possible :D

Tom E makes it a bit easier with his Narsil firmware, as he is using version numbers and even has a build in version check into the flashlights itself. ToyKeeper on the other hand has the easy following up going on, with her amazing work in the firmware repository on launchpad.

Although I think this list is as good as complete (for now), the only person that can really tell for sure is ToyKeeper herself.


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Thanks for clarifying - with that information I believe it should be feasible to complete this.