Flashlights with compatible chips


Does anybody know of any website(s) that sells LED flashlights and a variety of compatible chips? I would like to purchase an LED flashlight and change the LED chip to a different wavelength(nm).

So far, I’ve seen a few Chinese based warehouse websites with Ultrafire LED flashlights and some LED chips. I don’t know if the chips are compatible, and they did not have all the wavelengths I wanted.

What I am looking for:

1)A 10W Ultrafire flashlight emitting 1000 lumens(more or less) with a pulse mode and a zoomable lens
2)A variety of compatible LED chips(again 10W emitting ~1000 lumens) with respect to the wavelength(um) to replace the already installed LED in the flashlight.

I would preferably like to spend a maximum of a)$15 on the flashlight and b)$5 per chip.


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To a large extent, most any zoomie flashlight you can get will have a XML led in it. Yes I'm generalizing here, but not too much. That being said, if you can find LEDs in a similar package (footprint) as the XML, but in the different wave lengths you want, they may just "drop" right in. Most green, blue and UV leds have a similar forward voltage as white LEDs, yellow, orange and red are a bit lower and may complicate things. I'd try hunting down LEDs at Mouser, Element14, DigiKey or many other sites, and break out the soldering iron and go to town. It doesn't hurt to try.

If you can do this to your liking then its only a matter of finding the right LEDs and maybe a programmable driver to get the desired pulse modes.

I hope this helps a little


After some thought and research, I thought it might be easier if I tried the following approach.

I found two products that I want, and I’m including a link to both of them, which include their images and descriptions/specifications.

LED #1

LED #2

If anybody could let me know of a flashlight that would be compatible with either LED, I would be appreciative. I am looking for a flashlight with a)a zoomable feature and b)a pulsating/strobe mode. Also, I would prefer to spend no more than $15 on the flashlight.


try this flashlight?

and hunt your favorite LED based on 20mm star?

Simple soldering skills will open a wide option of selection.

Just don’t expect a single LED to give 1000 lumens
It’s just difficult without a direct drive XML2

Hmmm... Pulsating IR emitter with a focused beam... is the one on your fire truck broken?!

Shhhh, dammit! If the Ruling Class finds out we can turn their traffic signals Green with a $20 Chinese flashlight, they’ll make it much more difficult!