Flashlite Quality

As i am still learning stuf bout lites and from looking @ lites from various sellers i have noticed that in the pics with the description some are shown apart in components of the lite ie: body, tailcap, pil, etc and others are only shown with tailcap and body (i'm assuming they don't come apart in this case)

The ? is a budget light of better quality if the lite comes apart in many components or does it not make any diff? or do sellers not take the time to take em apart for pics?


In my opinion, Manafont is the best at giving a detailed description as well as photos of each light they sell.

KaiDomain is by far the worst. The only reason I would order fromm KD would be if someone here gave a great review of a light there, and did a direct link to the one they reviewed.

most come apart, some harder than others (glue)

most of us prefer to be able to disassemble...so that it can be repaired or modified.

often they're too lazy to do it and take pics, but sometimes it is probably because the components are of lesser quality

until you're more familiar, I'd suggest sticking to lights you can find reviews and comments for - particularly objective stuff, since you might have different taste and priorities than the reviewer...

thks guys, i appreciate u taking the time


To the points above, I don't like to buy a light unless I know it comes apart and I want to see all the parts so I can make a first pass at evaluating quality. My first two budget lights had glued parts and were very hard to work on. If a site you are looking at does not have good pictures that show all the parts for a particular brand of light, google it and find other sources. Chances are another seller or even the manufacturer has better pictures. The best source for pictures however is flashlight reviews. From google, type in the flashlight brand, model and review. Besides, CPF and Budget Light Forums, there are many other sites out there where people post reviews, often the same one at multiple sites.

Quantity or quality of pictures is not an indication of good sellers either. For example these sites (not all inclusive) have poor, inconsistent or minimal pictures, but I consider them good sources for lights:

shiningbeam - Usually just one picture, side view
itcshop - Worst pictures ever, hate the black backgrounds!!!!!

These sites have the best pictures and product details IMO, and I often go to them first for pictures:

Intl-outdoor - Great product shots from every angle, great photography
Manafont - Best detail shots, usually show all parts and measurement

also, dealextreme.com has reviews and comments/questions section on each product page. It takes awhile for stuff to show up on new products, and sometimes products change for better or worse, but it is another place to check...