Flaslight for work...i want it all!


i work as a security officer and i am looking for a flashlight.

Very bright

Small enough to carry at my waist

Long battery life

No need to press on/off button all in to get light (just press it slightly, when you let go it go's off again)

Offcourse, budget ;)

i live in the netherlands, so that might be a problem. Have looked at dx etc, but dont know where to start!

hoping for your experience! Thanks!

I think there aren't too many "forward" clickie flashlights in the budget world. Try checking out SolarForce lights which are SureFire copies. The only other one I am aware of is the TrustFire X9. But the X9 has 5 modes so you have to wait 2 sec before you can turn it on again or else it will cycle to the next mode.

I don't mind my X9's forward clickie with 2-sec memory combination (it should be 1/2 second) but you might. It's so bright it makes up for the strange combo.

I work as a security officer also and have tried every light I own for work..I currently use my uf-980l as my belt light..amazing output with great throw and has a medium and low mode..there's no strobe though..stobe does comes in handy at times for ambulane/police signaling so I usually have my itp sa1 running on 14500 set to strobe for that use..it doubles as a backup/pocket light..

only downside is the 980l is a reverse clicky so no momentary on..not a real issue for me..

Welcome to BLF, Markie!

Sounds like this is the light for you: Solarforce L2T single-mode forward clicky.

As far as tactical lights go I have to agree that they are as well made as a Surefire but at a fraction of the cost. I just got one and for a p60 type host it's pretty awesome.

Welcome to BLF, Markie!

Fandyfire STL-V6 as a two cell setup will give you all the above plus good battery life, BUT you need to know and obey the basic dual Li-ion battery safety rules. It is a bit longer than above mentioned X9, but IMHO not too long. One of my favorite lights at the moment!

Another vote for the Solarforce L2T. You will be very happy.

Get the right drop-in that has the strobe modes you need, the L2T will do you right. Probably $2 shipping to the Netherlands too.

Or . . . you could have e1320 hook you up with a custom driver . . . not sure . . .


I forgot you wanted strobe modes. Go with the 5-mode version.


important for me is the momentary on, so this is great. Ive got a couple more questions;

Can i use rechargable 18650 batteries?

If i use strobe function, and i turn the light off. Will it go into momentary on in strobe function or just 100% light mode?

Can i use this on the l2t?



Thanks so far, and again!

Yes you can. Most 18650's are rechargeable. In fact, I haven't seen any 18650 primaries in any shop.

At least in Fandyfire STV-V6 the also the momentary mode memorizes the last used mode: If the last used mode is strobe, momentary on will be strobe (unless you use momentary on straight after turning off, which changes the mode, of course)

Sorry, but I can't comment on Solarforces. I don't have L2t. :(

I am a warehouse manager and the light i carry sometimes is the ITP C6t.

Both of those items should work with the L2T.