[FLF] Five Light Friday - what would you keep?

It's 5 Light Friday - the game where you pick your 5 favorite lights and then ship the rest to me :))

OK, so I had the thought the other day while driving home - what 5 lights would i keep if i had to get rid of everything else? Imagine a hardship (well dont, but play along..), or some reason you would have to sell, give away, donate, or whatever your collection and you could only keep 5 torches, what would they be? I mean this isn't hard for a collector of anything to do, right? We probably have imagined scenarios somewhat like this before with other things at least once, and tested ourself on what if we had to make the cut?

Ok, so the chips are down in your game of life, what's making the cut? heres mine, for this week :))

(L to R)

Noctigon KR4 (xpl-hi 4000k 5D)

Noctigon K1 (xhp35 HI 4000k)

Reylight Pineapple Brass (Nichia 219c 4000k)

Wild Trail WT90 (sbt90.2)

FireFlies E12r (sst20 4000k FA4)

Here's why -

KR4 - emitters - has the nicest xpl-hi 5D of any I have seen - rosy, bright and perfect! and its a KR4, one of my favorite edc's ever. But mostly because of the LED's id keep it.

K1 - emitter - The nicest emitter out of any i have. - the 4000k xhp35 HI looks more like 3000k, and is a perfect tint of orange-ness for a thrower.

Reylight - form and function! the thing is perfect edc size, fits perfect in hand, and is solid! oh, and i like tail switches!

WT90 - c'mon, its the WT90! we have lights because they light things up, right? this one does it WELL! this beat out the K75 btw..

E12r - Form and Function! The led's are nice even though id prefer another, the button is fine with me. everything about this is just right, and its bright as hell! but doesn't have to be, its a great "everything" light. One of the best i own actually.

**It did bother me that i have two lights from one manufacturer, BUT, they both do have the nicest tinted emitters of all my lights.. So.... yea.

oh, and Richbuff - i know, i know.. you aren't getting rid of anything ;)


I tell myself I should do this for real to ease my occasional “collecting-guilt” a bit. My five keepers off top of head:

McBob 219b-modded ZL SC64c LE
D4V2 XP-L Hi 5D
Sofirn C01R (need a deep red)
Acebeam K30GT
Sofirn SD05 (mag switch)

Geez that leaves out a bunch I would not want to part with. Maybe more realistic to get down to a dozen…?

Sc 31 pro
Sp 36

All have charging except D4

edit - 6th would be Amutorch X9

From lights I own and use:

Surefire U2 modded with MC-E and 18650 for it’s perfection
Acebeam K75 for insane throw
Acebeam K40M for wall of light from overdriven MT-G2
Zebralight SC600W MK3 HI for pocket versatility
Lumintop Tool AAA Ti with 219B onboard because I like it.

Pity only 5, if 6 I could add Nitecore Tube at my car keys.

Imalent MS18
Maxtoch L2K
Fireflies E07 Osram
D4V2 660nm

My 5 favorite lights...

Lumintop FW3A

BLF-D80v2 - used to be cheaper

RovyVon Aurora A3 - expensive for what it is, but very nice

Lumintop HL3A

Zanflare F3 - used to be dirt cheap

These 4 edc lights with the same battery format and a thrower. Probably my L21a.

Oh man everybody's choices are awesome .

I almost made it top six or even 12, but five and Friday had a ring to it. I started narrowing down from my top 14 this morning LOL.

I have a K 75 and I would never get rid of it. But choosing between that and WT90 is ALMOST impossible

I could never do just five, probably 10.

maybe a [TLT] Ten Light Tuesday thread next week :))

Hey Artie if you had to go to war. What 5 lights would you take :question: :wink:

Impossible. I thought I could do it it … but I can not .


My five fav lights are BLF GT94 light orange peel, BLF GT94 smooth, MF05, MT90 Plus vn, HK90 and HK90vn.

There are five kinds of flashoholics: Those who like small edc, those who like large edc, those who like medium size edc, those who like small throwers, those who like large throwers, and those who like large power throwers.

Convoy M3C, Convoy M1, Xtar Moon RC2, Nitecore P30, Olight i3e

The rest are in the mail, after your cheque clears for the shipping and “handling” fee :wink:

K75, GT94, X70, MT70 Plus, MT18s :))

c'mon jimo... share the picture man! haha

HAHA! alright! ;)

nice selection!

I would expect nothing less than this selection, amazing! although, i thought at least one of those smaller powerhouses you love would be on there (i share your love for the ec03 xhp50 version!) or even the FW4aVn Osram, i think is what you have? but hey, flashlights are for LIGHTING things up, right? what better than some gt94's and MF05's!

how is the HK90 in real life, anyway? always wondered about that "unsung hero"? you dont hear much about it. like a gt94 lil cousin vinny or something..

this is a nice selection, very.. regulated!

Your total is $1000USD including tip.
That is with the 50% friends and family discount valid for a limited time.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I look at it as utility:
lumen monster, all purpose, beam pattern, thrower and keychain.

I don't even know what you have and I'd be willing to bet that is a good deal lol..

yea that selection makes since to me, I kind of tried to do the same thing :)