Flickering Black Cat OSRAM

One of my favorite lights (probably because I won it here) is the Black Cat AAA light. I like the size and the beam, but about every month or so it will start to flicker or will not reliably turn on.

When I open it up, I always find a sort of greasy residue where the + tip of the battery meets the driver. I clean that off and the light works fine for another month, then I get the buildup again.

1) What the heck would cause that?

2) Would a bit of Di-electric grease cure the problem or make it worse?

None of my other lights seem to exhibit such behavior, not sure why the Black Cat does.



1.) My guess is the buildup is extra silicone grease working it's way in there. Clean everything up well with alcohol and a Q-tip, paying extra attention to any extra that may be on the rest of the light (inside). Oh yea, and don't store your batteries in Vasoline :P

2.) Di-electric grease by default is an insulator, and would not work.