Flood for Home Defense ?

Looking for a compact , micro-usb rechargeable , < 1K Lumens , flood , for home defense .
A plus if it can do double duty as a night walker .

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Are you asking for more than 1K lumens? And just how much flood do you want?

Olight SRII has a TIR lens that has a wide-ish center spot. USB charging. It’s color is cooler.

Zebralight makes compact floody lights. But misses on the built in charging.

Simon at the Convoy store has quite a few options.

Many lights can modified by changing the front lens to a wider spot.

You might take a look at the 18650 forum and see what folks are using for EDC carry.
You will have more options if you go with an external charger. That way you can have an extra battery ready to go.

Flashaholics on youtube gives many comparisons.

For some reason the BLF won’t post his address correctly. So I stuck in the search. He’s the top one.

Charles Bridgetec channel has very good beam shots and reviews LOTs of lights.

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Do you plan on mounting it to a pistol or a rifle?

For home defense you need a gun, not a flashlight.

No plans to mount on a weapon .

Thanks jeff51 .
Asking for 1k or less .
SureFire MaxVision is my reference point for a flood .

Others have also suggested I look at Zebralight .
Re: Olight SRII ; there are so many Olight models with similar names ; it’s a bit confusing .
Are you suggesting the SR2 Baton ?

It is proven that a well lightened house/garden will be less attractive to burglars.

Also turning on daylight using a 1000lm+ light in your garden. Will definitely scare burglars away and you will be able to see them.

Guns are not the awnser to everything.

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I agree, but they are the only suitable answer to a burglar who’s already made it INSIDE your house!

Once he’s inside his intentions are clear and shining a flashlight at him will do nothing but let him know your location…

Yeap….far better to secure the dwellings to not let a burglar in or convince him to go elsewhere. But if he/she/they are inside then options are much more limited. Needing a flashlight implies it’s nighttime, and anyone breaking into a place at night has to assume it’s occupied and in my opinion not going to be deterred by a flashlight.

Unless maybe you got one-a these… :laughing:

Whatever flashlight you use for this, get training on low-light shooting!

Nah….I prefer something with standoff range :slight_smile:

In truth I don’t think that the average person is going to win a close-in physical confrontation with someone who has broken into their place, especially if they’re carrying a weapon (knife, club, etc) of any kind. Movies and television not withstanding of course :slight_smile:

Convoy M21A, LD-B4 Driver 8-12A and MosX PCB, 3V XHP50.2. Set the driver to high to low, no mode memory. So when you turn it on, you know a lot of lumens comes out. Great beam too.


I found some beam shots of the Surfire you mentioned. It looks to me to have a brighter center area that has a gradual taper off moving away from the hot spot. It doesn’t look pure floody to me.
Take a look at the Convoy 2+ with the orange peel reflector with the XM-L2. The beam looks much the same to me on my S2+.
These are inexpensive and might be a good place to start. Pick up a battery or two and an inexpensive charger.


I dislike the UI on this light however. But the Low – Medium – High – Strobe might work for you.

Also consider the Emisar D4v2. It will run below 1000 Lumens, but has the ability to go way beyond that for brief periods. Indoors it is truly amazingly bright.


Both these need external charging.

And I guess we need to know what you mean by defense.
Is it to be used in conjunction with a firearm?
As a contact weapon itself?
Or just to try blind an intruder?

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Like bringing a knife to a gun fight.

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Yes , I realize it’s like bringing a flashlight to a gun fight !
I was thinking of situational awareness and momentarily blinding an intruder .
For that application Elzetta Alpha Model A113 is one possibility .
No firearm and contact weapon only as last resort of course .

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I loved that show

Take a look at this review of a WOWTAC A5 with a 26650 cell. Bright, Floody, USB charging.

A little on the big side maybe.
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Everyday Carry reviewed the Thrunite TT10 Tactical today :