Flood to throw rechargeable XM-L flashlight

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This is my first post. And I apologize for my bad English.

As I see it, there’s a lot of experts. I just want to ask, what is the best budget rechargeable and zoomable (flood to throw) flashlight with 18650 or 26650 battery?

I found these two flashlights:

I’ve got aney better choice?

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I don’y like the first light you linked because of having to charge battery inside light, not a good idea.
Second one is a poor Ultrafire clone, does not even have register mark on the logo.

If you need batteries and a Charger I like this one;
Those batteries have gotten decent reviews and the flashlight itself has been reviewed decently as well.
Search Keygos M12 threads for more detailed info.

Same light, but cheaper/suspect batteries;

Here is a couple cheapies, I do not own any of these yet so can not comment of quality but I am sure some other memebrs will chime in on good ones.

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I think you’ll find the consensus that it’s far better, and safer to recharge lithiums outside the light. This also lets you broaden your selection of lights to generally higher quality flashlights when you leave out the charging port.

And most people including me prefer dedicated flashlights instead of zoomies. The reason is zoomies waste a lot of light in the design and the XM-L isn’t very well suited for zoom lenses. There’s a host of technical reasons but to boil it down XM-L lights with an optical lens just isn’t all that bright.

So with that said it’s far better to start with two lights a dedicated thrower, the C8 design is a very good place to start, and then a flooder. Any good XM-L cylindrical light is good like an Ultrafire UF-2100. Another good selection would be a P60 light such as a Solarforce L2P with an XM-L module. Many people like the Solarforce because you can customize it with different modules so if you don’t like how floody the XM-L is you can change it to an XP-G led for more throw.

Thanks for answer.

I have 10 Maglite flashlights, two of them are Magcharger. Realy nice flashlight. I also have a WF-501B and XinTD C8 V3 XM-L U2. Especially XinTD C8 is brilliant.

As you advised me, I’ll buy the charger and the batteries separately.

Keygos M12 looks good flashlight. If you could choose between Keygos M12, POPPAS W-878 and Yezel T9… What is the best choice, regardless of the price?

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The Poppas W-878 is a nice light but is rather cheap and sloppy feeling in build quality and it's direct drive in high, not regulated so it kind of wastes power in high mode. I'm guessing you're read the review. I do like it's wide even flood of light and the fact that the head zooms fairly smoothly with enough friction not to slide by itself.


But I can change the driver with Najng 105C. This is not a problem.

True. And the build quality isn't awful, but it is typical "budget light".