Flooders rejoice. 7* XM-L flashlight

Here's a new flashlight with 7 XM-L T6 LEDs. Wolfeyes SuperStorm

OK, for many other photos :


Ohh, it costs between $389 and $460

Well, not suited for BLFers.

I just pee'd a little............

A few more months and someone will get something like that into budget range, I hope. That is great, I have been waiting for a five or six XML and they go right to seven!

With 7 XM-L LEDs, I would expect more than the claimed maximum of 2100 lumens.

Think of the three 18650 , I don't think they can run it much higher. What runtime would that be?

But I know , many would like to hear 7 XMLs 5000+ lumens.

Is it possible to go higher than 2100 lumens with 3 x 18650 and 7 x XM-Ls T6?

I think yes. You could even do it with less emitters. Very strange light. Certainly not pocket-friendly.

Yeah, I went to the their website and saw that too. Kinda pointless.

I don't care. I still want one. If it will tail stand, I could use it for a camp stove.

The first rule of Chinese lumen claims is: you do not talk about Chinese lumen claims. The second rule of Chinese lumen claims....you know the rest.

Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vdvjf_SJt4M

1A per led. Too expensive, IMO.

1A per LED, if you use the spreadsheet LED calculator, that'd be 401 lm when cold. So 2800L. Very efficient lm/W and gives the same light as 3A per LED for a triple XM-L.

That is why the Mac custom 9 x XP-G can do 3300L (2500L OTF measured) at 1150mA each. The emitters don't get too hot as they are spread out. With the Mac custom you can opt to do 1500mA (13.5A total) and they said its 3800 plus lumens. Don't know how are they going to handle the heat though as it is a drop-in, i hazard a guess that it will drop very fast.

It is difficult to tell the general folks to use only IMR, so 3 x 18650 Li Co would be stuck at about 3A max ea. So 7A to the LED is about there plus maybe 0.8A to the driver.

It would definitely throw less than the CQG/Dry 3 x XM-L.

In China they have all these high-end chinese lights. Some may not perform that better than the usual gadgets (eg Microfire Warrior), but some are pretty unique. Firefox has the world's smallest 35W HID. Just a wee bit bigger than this and fits 3 x 18650. It gives a PBCP of about 135k.

35W and 40W From shoudian and one of the user's pics

Yeah, 2100. Didn't mean 1A per led was a bad thing ;) Less heat, more runtime. And I'm sure you can push it even more if needed (1.2-1.3A per led) :p

BTW, didn't know that Firefox makes flashlights. What would be next? Chrome/IE HID thrower? Just kidding :bigsmile:

Yeah SashiX, not a bad thing. But just a wee bit wierd. In that format it'd really be floody, i am looking at my Xeno E03 and the reflector vs emitter ratio indicates that it would even be more floody than the Xeno E03. So it is like duct-taping 7 Xeno E03s. Hmm..... I don't mind that kind of spot size, just that then i'd need to bump it to at least 2.5A per emitter so as to get a bit omph for throw. And since that'd require more heatsinking plus battery juice (6 x 18650s?), the overall size needs to be larger.... which would indicate that more space is available for a bigger reflector. So the "ratio" does not work.

Better to do 7 XP-Gs @ 1A with the same reflector size for a 60mm head diameter light. Plenty of efficiency too.