Floody AA

It’s almost worth the price of an SK68 to see yet another variation.

Defiant 1xAA from Home Depot is 56 lm, single mode, reverse clicky and floody. Runs about $8 regular price. Same as the brinkmann Armormax. Not sure about runtime, but it’s not a bad little light…

how about any recommendation for a flood light with super high lumen? preferbly cheap and affordable

I also vote for the Thrunite T10; the lumen modes are well-spaced; the runtimes are excellent; and the head-twist UI is smooth as silk. It’s also small enough to carry on your keychain if you wish, and I really like the mode memory feature, which is not common in a light in this price range. Here is an excellent review ; the only thing that’s not accurate in this review(about a year and a half old) is that the price has dropped; you can get one now for around $20.
Here’s the Review:


ThruNite T10 AA (Twistie)w/FireFly .09lum>Low 9lum>Hi 115lum//and Memory

My TooManyGizmos Summation first … (getting right to the point of the review)

I like this light (A LOT) because it has 3 useful and well spaced outputs and Memory.
The 3 light level modes are in the most logical and expected sequence of … FireFly > Low > High > (repeat) .
It uses the XP-G R5 LED emitter .The 0.09Lumen FireFly mode is just enough for night-time navigation and preserves your dark adapted vision. The next mode of 9Lumens is just right for adequately seeing things at arm distance to 12 feet without excessive glare and bounce-back reflection. (bright enough to read the first 3 lines or so on an Eye chart) … The High mode @115Lumens is very bright and broad which lights up the entire end of a room. Those three levels will take care of your average needs … of reading a menu or map - normal arm-length tasks - or lighting up an entire room or things at a 40 foot distance. It is regulated and has no PWM strobing. It’s light-weight , can be used for key-chain / pocket / or lanyard neck carry. The memory works well , last mode in use will be remembered after the light is OFF for more than 3 seconds. Twist action is very smooth and my sample had no head wobble to cause erratic mode changes. Knurling is just right for good grip and the Matte-Black anodized finish is excellent along with the tooling , construction and fit. The base is in a * Y * shape , with elongated horizontal slot for split-ring attachment … and it has stable tail-stand. Some may find the slot for the split-ring to be a little thin and not beefy enough , but it is probably sufficient. It will not go on an average size split-key-ring without using the supplied small split-ring as a transition to the larger ring. The XP-G R5 LED is centered and it has a textured reflector. Provides a very broad hot-spot, good spill, and smooth un-defined transition from spot-to-spill. In my opinion , it is a good Every Day Carry light which will meet most of your EDC carry needs. Meets the lowest needs, average needs, and very bright needs. This ThruNite T10 has now replaced my ThruNite Ti … as my favorite night-time, round-thu-neck, neck-lanyard light.
(but the Ti is also close)

Manufacturer’s & Retailers Specifications :

$29.95 (MSRP)

T10 Specifications:

  • Cree XP-G LED (R5) with lifespan of 50,000 hours
    Three modes of output: firefly(0.09lumens,147hours)>Low(9 lumens,39hrs) ->High(115 lumens, 1.5hrs) with memory (Tested with Ni-mh battery with actual capacity 2500mAh)
    -Stable current regulated circuit, stable brightness
    -Uses one 1.5V AA battery (ni-mh, alkaline ). 14500 batteries are not recommended, because they heat up quickly.
    –17-gram weight (excluding batteries)
    -Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum
    -Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
    -Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard
    -Toughened double ultra-clear glass lens
    -Reliable twist switch
    -Candle mode (Capable of standing up securely on a flat
    surface to serve as a candle)
    -Accessories: key ring.
    -Size: 81x17mm

  • Manufactured by ThruNite

Construction-Quality , Finish & Feel :

Construction , tooling , fit , finish and knurling are all excellent quality – common for ThruNite . Matte-Black anodized finish. It is a Twistie Activation Two piece Aluminum body with a spring in the tail section base. ( no foam washers) O-ring between the body and head. This T10 is easily and smoothly operated with one hand.
(one other note: the T10 does NOT have brass insert screw threads like the Ti)
It has grippy knurling on both the head and body. 2 flat areas on opposite sides of the body break up the knurling.On one flat is the Serial number surrounded by a symbol of a battery depicting the way the battery should be inserted in the body.The other flat has the ThruNite - T10 name logo . It is light enough for neck-lanyard-carry. The base is in a * Y * shape , with elongated horizontal slot for split-ring attachment … and it has stable tail-stand. Some may find the slot for the split-ring to be a little thin and not beefy enough , but it is probably sufficient. It will not go on an average size split-key-ring without using the supplied small split-ring as a transition to the larger ring.It is designed for AA size batteries with voltage range of 1.2v thru 1.6v (NiMh , Alkalines & Primary Lithium)

LED - Output Levels - Beam characteristics :

It uses a Cree XP-G LED (R5) and MEMORY for the 3 levels (FireFly>Low>HIGH)
Three modes of output brightness :
firefly(0.09lumens, 147hours)->
Low(9 lumens, 39hrs )->
High(115 lumens, 1.5hrs)

Since it has a larger head and reflector than it’s little sister … (the ThruNite Ti) … the T10 produces a Hot-spot that is twice as wide as the Ti , in all three levels of output. (slightly brighter spill , too) Smooth and gradual transition from spot to spill area. ( central spot edges are not crisply defined )

The usefulness of the 0.09 lumen FireFly level will be determined by the reflectiveness of the surface it is shined on . Dark wood floors, dark carpet, dark furniture or dark walls will absorb the low level brightness . If used on lighter colored carpets and tile , and whitish colored wall surroundings , FireFly will be sufficient for night time navigation and preserving night vision. If you do have dark flooring or carpet , you might have to bump-up to the 9 lumen mid-level . The HIgh level will light up the whole room (115 Lumens)

User Interface ( U.I. )

Operation features are typical of a 3 mode twistie . Loosen for OFF (and storage)… Tighten for ON . HOWEVER …. this MAY be the first 3 mode twistie with MEMORY STORAGE of the LAST MODE USED. 3 seconds OFF stores last level in memory.
( T10 is NOT a continual twist design like the Ti predecessor. )
Mode advancement is : on>off>on>off>on>off… repeat .
The sequence is … FireFly>Low>HIGH . (logical and expected progression)
You can continually go thru the 3 modes , but whatever mode level you stop at and then turn the light OFF … that is the brightness that will be stored into MEMORY. (there is no strobe or s.o.s. modes)

And I really like the useful spacing of the 3 levels . And the MEMORY feature !

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I have only seen knurling this good in pictures of much more expensive lights. It is similar to an SK68 except that it is smaller, more compact but less cooling. The only shortcoming is that it has only one mode. I have two more on order and am holding my breath till I see whether they are as good as the first one.

For more output than an SK68 and useful run time, you need a larger battery, the next step being a 18650. I like my Sipik SK73 Sipik SK 73, Palight M6-2 and other small 18650 aspheric XM-L T6 zoomers of the same shape as is and my Raysoon TD-398 Review: Raysoon TD-398 (XM-L T6 | 18650) with its cooling potential would be good with a copper star and a high current driver.

A while back I did a runtime test on a whole heap of cheapo AA lights. My search skills have deserted me tonight or I'd give you a link. But I wrote it here and it was a year or two ago.

I would be interested in seeing the results, but I don’t get anywhere with the links in your post.

Fritz: please cap your images at 100% width. I’m on a 24” desktop monitor, and that light is a good 2 1/2 feet long. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t understand what is hard to manipulate. It may be 2 1/2 feet but I move around it easily with this small lap top, nearly tablet size. I could trim it down, but reducing the resolution would lose the content. There may be a way to display it smaller here but allow a user to view the original, but most would not do that and miss the main content. I don’t suppose I can have only a detail visible unless I upload a trimmed version and show it instead. Did it take too long to load?

Part of that was humor, sorry… you can set it to a relative size so that it scales with the users page. You use the same source image, it just changes the browser rendering to scale properly, and people who want to can still easily see the original.

Mostly it’s just because it’s a bit of a pain on lower-resolution mobile devices.

I vote SK68! The 3 mode version, with the upgraded XML T6 LED! So pretty, SO BRIGHT! $10 shipped!! http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Upgrade-800Lumens-9W-CREE-XM-L-T6-Mini-LED-Torch-Focus-Zoom-Flashlight-Free-Shipping/997633297.html

Will run on regular AA battery (so great to give as gift), works best on Sanyo 840mah 14500.

Way WAY better than normal SK68, has low and high brightness, beam is BEAUTIFUL compared, way brighter too!

Move your mouse over to see the upgraded version!

-Jamie M.

Fritz, that’s a nice looking light, can you say exactly how it compares to an SK68? Does it have as much flood? If both run on AA is it as bright as the SK68? I like the knurling, too bad it doesn’t have a pocket clip though.

Manafont has it for $6.65 in both Black and Grey
SIPIK SK58 Black

I like this, thanks for the link and the great mouseover beamshots

Definitely a SK68 Sipik, or a good quality clone that has the three modes. ( the low mode is in that 70 - 90 Lumen range, very floody when zoomed back, and has good run time on the low mode. ( i get over 6 hours on a Eneloop on low mode.

The original poster hasn't been seen for 11 weeks now .....:P

They also made the sk58 in brown/tan but I don't see it anymore

Much is left unsaid…

Assuming you’re on topic, a really good 1*AA flashlight style (many manufacturers, ergo “clones” as per the SK68”:Ultrafire M2 versus Trustfire f20 versus Uniquefire aa-s1) is the AkorayK106 / TrustfireF20 / UltrafireM2. I happened to find the F20s at Really Good Prices, but there are many variations.

They’ll all need an LED upgrade to make “flood light with super high lumen”, but you’ll really like the result, and it’s a great (easy) way to get into modding.

You’re in the Right Place to get your answers, regardless…


I have Both the Original SK68(not the upgrade), and I much prefer the SK58. It just looks so much more polished, and the Beam is Beautiful. SK68 is a little brighter, but I just prefer the fit&finish of the SK58. True, it doesn’t have a pocket clip, but it Does have the Best Lanyard I have seen on a True “Budget” Light, By FAR. As a matter of fact, I prefer This lanyard to the lanyards on my Fenix, Nitecore, and Inova lights, although I Do like the Nitecore lanyard. I run Sanyo Eneloops, and the Beam is plenty bright, for a “Floody Beam” Light. It’s my Favorite “Budget” Light, and it’s not even close.


In general, SK58s are a Sipik model that preceded the SK68 and its clones. They had Osram leds originally but many now for sale are upgraded to XR-E and drivers similar to SK68 1 and 3 modes. The differences are largely esthetic, but they are slimmer and have less cooling. The lens is slightly smaller. I gave two for Xmas this year.
The reason I posted the picture is that I received one from the source I indicated that had build quality and especially the knurling on the head that I consider exceptionally good for a low priced light. The knurling on 58s is square rather than diamond. On this light it is aggressive in the width, depth and spacing of the grooves, and in addition there are micro-grooves on top of each rectangle to further enhance grip. This example does not have a brand name on it, so I have only the source to identify it. I hope the two more I ordered from the same source will be as good, but I can’t be sure even of that. The great thing about flashlight collecting at this time is when, for six dollars and some cents, you receive a “commodity” item with unexpectedly thorough and artistic workmanship.

this has really xml led? and if yes,which? t6 or u2…? they wrote both…:slight_smile:
is aliexpress safe? never used this way to buy…thanks

Quick easy mod for the SK68, get a 16mm sinkpad, reflow a XM-L or XM-L2 on it (I prefer 4C tint, but 1A is alot more white to the eyes), then pull the crappy XR-E out of it…even though you aren’t going to push massive amounts of current thru the XM-L, even with the boost circuit it will throw a bit more light. ALOT more light if you run it with a 14500, but it will get warmer ALOT faster too…I also even go as far as taking epoxy and epoxying the star down to the aluminum pill and discard any of the lousy hole cover that fits over the emitter (the thing that causes the rings)

Anyone claiming a stock SK68 pushing 800 lumens is blowing smoke!

If this is truly a XM-L, going price for a emitter and a SK-68…if it IS a true XM-L…might be a good deal…but it ain’t no 800 lumens